Illegal immigrant from Russia celebrates NYC exit: ‘They give me ticket for free to Chicago!’

From the Big Apple to the Windy City, Hollywood and beyond, a couch-surfing illegal alien appeared to admit to gaming the system “to feel new vibe, new atmosphere…”

Since Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) began a busing scheme that both relieved the pressure of overburdened border cities and opened the eyes of blue city bloviators, so-called sanctuary city executives have done little more than crumble their own supposed moral high ground beneath their feet.

With Lady Liberty looking on, New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) vaunted open arms to the world’s tired and poor, appeared to be gathering the huddled masses to travel free according to a self-described “homeless immigrant” from Russia.

Wednesday morning, Turning Point USA reporter Savanah Hernandez shared a video from outside the shuttered St. Brigid Catholic School in Manhattan’s East Village where she spoke with a man celebrating his recently obtained free flight to the midwest metropolis.

“They give me ticket for free to Chicago. I fly tomorrow,” he told Hernandez who indicated, “An illegal immigrant from Russia, who has been living in NYC for the past year, received a free plane ticket to Chicago sharing that he wants to ‘see a new city’ and ‘feel a new vibe’ … He then expressed plans to visit LA with another free ticket from the ‘special government service company’ who gives them out.”

The smiling, self-described “homeless immigrant from Russian Federation” looking for work had told the reporter he wants “to feel new vibe, new atmosphere — try to find new contacts, new friends.”

St. Brigid, which had officially closed in 2019, had been serving as a re-intake center for single, adult, illegal aliens who had already spent 30 days subsisting off the back of American taxpayers.

In February, Curbed had reported that, with months of long lines, “Adams seemed to hope the inconvenience of reprocessing would discourage applicants, and, in fact, the city offers anyone at St. Brigid a free plane ticket to anywhere in the world.”

The video from Hernandez came as Tuesday in Manhattan, it had been reported that over a thousand African aliens had assembled at City Hall to add their voices to a hearing on “the black experience in the city shelter system,” as they seemingly sought more preferable handouts from the already budget-strapped city.

Stacking up the entitlement, the overflow of Gotham’s taste of the border crisis in neighboring Westchester County saw one Venezuelan-born man, fresh off of an arrest for alleged menacing, disorderly conduct, obstruction of governmental administration and resisting arrest, complaining that his free stay at a Yonkers Ramada Inn was sullied with a violation of his rights.

“You can’t make this up,” X account Libs of TikTok had posted sharing a report about “fed-up” 35-year-old Arnal Kent who’s alleged random room checks included going through his belongings. “This illegal who was arrested for assaulting police officers is complaining that his ‘rights are being violated’ because people enter the taxpayer-funded shelter without permission.”

The apparent freeloading did not go unaddressed as reactions poured in to the video from Hernandez with sarcasm and disgust, “It’s like they think they’re on a sight-seeing tour of the US. Paid for by us tax-payers!!”

Kevin Haggerty


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