Venezuelan illegal arrested for disorderly conduct complains his rights are being violated

An illegal alien issued a bold claim about his rights as cops arrested him at a New York hotel that has been the center of scores of calls.

“…he’s the one complaining.”

Taxpayer-funded room and board, spending money and a seemingly endless supply of get out of jail free cards have unsurprisingly encouraged the endless tide of foreign nationals flooding the United States. Despite varying experiences with those kinds of perks, one Venezuelan-born alien was caught griping about “his rights being violated” after an alleged tirade had landed him in cuffs.

“You can’t make this up,” wrote Libs of TikTok as the account shared a snippet of a report from CBS New York. “This illegal who was arrested for assaulting police officers is complaining that his ‘rights are being violated’ because people enter the taxpayer-funded shelter without permission.”

“He literally entered our country illegally, assaulted cops, is supported by our tax dollars, and now he’s the one complaining,” added the account as 35-year-old Arnal Kent could be heard alleging, “They enter our rooms without knocking. They enter, search through our personal belongings when we aren’t there…our money and jewelry.”

The report included released bodycam footage from the Yonkers Police Department which had responded to a 911 call from the Ramada Inn where illegals had been housed since May 2023. According to an employee heard speaking with dispatch, “The guy is over here unruly. He’s being very violent with everybody. He’s throwing stuff at everybody. We need somebody here right away.”

When Kent was confronted by police, he appeared to resist before 24-year-old Yainilet Hernandez stepped in and allegedly tried to prevent officers from putting the man in the back of their patrol vehicle. Her own confrontation with officers led to her allegedly striking one.

“The individuals that we’re talking about and what’s happening at the Ramada Inn appears to be limited to a few people who just frankly aren’t happy with some of the rules,” stated Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano during a press conference.

Released without bail after being charged with menacing, disorderly conduct, obstruction of governmental administration and resisting arrest, Kent wasn’t the only Venezuelan national complaining about “some of the rules” as 22-year-old Albany Ugarte charged that random room checks, as she told CBS NY, had resulted in theft of $600 along with some of her electronics.

“The reality is, we feel offended. We came to this county with an American dream,” Ugarte told Fox 5 NY.

Meanwhile, police told the outlet that they had been called to the hotel over 130 times in the past year due to issues with the aliens, some of which had been living there since Spring 2023.

For her alleged behavior, Hernandez was arrested and charged with second-degree assault, obstruction of governmental administration and resisting arrest and was being held at Westchester County Jail on $500 bail.

Based on the aliens’s remarks, they were being persecuted, a suggestion that earned heavy scorn on social media as users reacted to the displays of entitlement.

Kevin Haggerty


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