‘I’m a Red-Letter Christian’: Angry Race Lady Joy Reid defends her hot mic Biden slam

Joy Reid, the angry race lady at MSNBC who has an obsession with attacking white people, appeared in the very friendly confines of ABC’s The View and was asked about last week’s hot mic moment where she appeared to slam President Joe Biden for “starting another f*cking war.”

Comically, Reid laughed off the incident while calling herself a “Red Letter Christian” while standing by the comment.

Cohost Sara Haines all but took Reid by the hand as she referenced the F-bomb: “I want to ask you, because as people that wear microphones every day, we can relate to this. But, last week, you had a hot mic moment that caught some attention. Let’s just say you used some colorful language. Who doesn’t?”

“Not me. I’m a Christian!” Reid interjected, somewhat sarcastically.

“It seems like you were criticizing President Biden for starting another war,” Haines continued. “I don’t think you’re alone in concerns of that, but is that true? Like, what was behind this?”

“Well, I’m going to hit that with a cute, ‘No comment!’” Reid replied with a laugh.

“No, but what I’m going to say is, I am a person that, I’m a steady ‘war no more’ kind of Christian. I’m a Red Letter Christian,” the MSNBC affirmative action hire claimed. “I don’t believe in war whether it’s the governor of Texas literally trying to start another civil war over an issue that his party could solve tomorrow. There’s literally a bill that they just could pass, right? And do the border security issue.”

“Or whether it’s in the Middle East. I was deeply against the Iraq war. I’m an anti-war person, and so, you know, I don’t want to say that there’s any side that specifically to blame here,” Reid continued. “But I think the idea — I think for most Americans — we’re war weary. I think we’re all weary of conflict, and we would like to see us progress economically, and socially, try to bring this country back from the brink of racial hatred. Let’s not do war at all.”

Reid’s attempt to cleverly work in her radical left views into every comment she makes — be it supporting the sham Senate border deal that would likely ensure one-party rule for Democrats for years to come, or push her critical race theory views — falls flat, considering her reputation proceeds her.

Predictably, cohost Sonny Hostin was quick to express solidarity with Reid when she chimed in, “Yeah. Let’s not kill people. What’s happening in Gaza has shaken everyone. Like, let’s not do that.”

Tom Tillison


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