In ‘act of defiance’ against CNN, Chris Cuomo set to ‘go rogue’ with cringeworthy comeback

Because soaring crime, impending food shortages, skyrocketing inflation, and breath-stopping prices at the gas pumps aren’t quite enough to crush the very soul of America, Chris Cuomo is back, and the cringe may just be more than this nation can bear.

The disgraced and dismissed former CNN anchor teased his attempt at a comeback — The Chris Cuomo Project — on Instagram earlier this month, in a six-second video of him flexing his muscles and smoking a stogie.


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Yes, the guy who brought America giant Q-tips and unwanted advances during a global pandemic is calling on proud “free agents” to “join the ride” and, you know, buy some Chris Cuomo merchandise so you, too, can roll like Fredo.



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“His podcast will be recorded and streamed,” a source, who said Cuomo has rebranded himself as a “free agent,” told Page Six. “Chris is loaded, so he will do it right.”

“And he’s doing this not to make money,” the source continued, “it is to get his voice back out there.”

This is a “move of defiance” against CNN, the source stated, and Cuomo is “going rogue.”

“He will find guests who are also ‘free agents’ and paved their own way to express his concept,” promised the source.

In other words, it sounds an awful lot like a show with a bunch of out-of-work dudes talking about stuff Chris Cuomo thinks matters.

In an ad that features Cuomo wandering around New York with a goofy grin on his face and telling viewers exactly nothing about what he’s doing, Cuomo promises that whatever it is, “we are getting close” to it.


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And to drum up even more excitement for a venture the Daily Mail has described as “an attempted knockoff of hit podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience,” Cuomo will be joining Mediaite founder and NewsNation host Dan Abrams next Tuesday for what will be his first interview since CNN canned him.

According to Abrams, Cuomo will be “answering the tough questions about his past.”

The younger brother of former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo of “let’s see what happens when you intentionally expose the most vulnerable among us to COVID-19” fame, Chris Cuomo was finally fired from his job at CNN for reportedly helping his big brother through a slew of sexual harassment scandals.

Once canceled, the younger Cuomo quit his SiriusXM radio show and watched as his book, about to be released by HarperCollins, was dropped like a bad habit.

According to The New York Times, Cuomo was handed his pink slip after his then boss, Jeff Zucker, was alerted of a sexual misconduct allegation stemming from his time at ABC News.

Since then, Mediaite reports, “Cuomo explored the idea of becoming a volunteer firefighter in East Hampton,” but “reportedly ‘balked’ after he was informed doing so would take up much of his time.”

Instead, Cuomo dropped a $125 million lawsuit on CNN for allegedly “destroying his reputation,” Daily Mail reports.

He then followed in the paths of  a string of celebs and headed for Ukraine, where he got to wear a helmet and say really dramatic things like, “shelling is intense and devastating.”

Sean Penn, eat your heart out.



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