Ingraham: Dems claim they care about the children but ‘the real truth is very dark and very sinister’

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Democrats may say they’re “for the children,” but their actions prove that they’re waging “a war on children,” according to Fox News host Laura Ingraham.

Friday evening on “The Ingraham Angle,” the Fox News host responded to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s claim, made during her Thursday press conference, that her “whole mission in Congress is about the children — for the children.”

Ingraham scoffed in disbelief.

“Today’s liberals claim that everything they’re doing on climate change, COVID, the border, even ending the filibuster is because they care about the children. But the real truth is very dark and very sinister: The left’s core issues — abortion, gender fluidity, the diversity obsession, open borders and COVID mandates, just to name a few — add up to a war on children,” she said.

“From the more than 62 million babies lost to abortion since 1973’s Roe vs. Wade to the current fad of glamorizing transgenderism in our schools, we’re witnessing a sustained assault on life and innocence by adults who themselves are spiritually lost,” Ingraham said.

This “assault,” she continued, is being committed through the purposeful, malicious and systemic indoctrination of children.

“School-aged children who are coaxed into early left-wing activism, they’re celebrated and rewarded, but those who sit on the sidelines, those who resist the indoctrination on race or gender victimology, they’re sidelined or silenced,” she noted.

“Too many school boards and activist teachers are trying right now to turn our children into race-obsessed, America-hating whiners.”

They’re the same “venal, virtue-signaling, know-nothing bureaucrats, the same overpaid officials who care so much about our kids that they’re fine to see them shivering outside in frigid temperatures eating their lunches for the lie of social distancing,” according to Ingraham.

The Fox News host then shared viral photos of schoolchildren being forced to eat outside.

“These photos are infuriating. Now, I’m going to say this until I no longer have breath in my body: What blue state politicians did to our kids in canceling in-person school, canceling sports and time on playgrounds, what they’re still doing with mask and vax mandates, is a crime against humanity,” she said in response to the photos.

“A crime against humanity” that’s staunchly supported by the far-left administration that’s currently in power:

And that’s also supported by the “dimwits in the media” who “go right along” with the Democrat Party’s insistence on masking and vaccinating children.

Anything to prevent themselves from contracting the virus.

“Anthony Fauci and the public health robots that he’s inspired see children as potential viral vectors, certainly not innocent little children with robust immune systems,” Ingraham noted before playing clips of “journalists” fretting over children contracting the virus at school and then bringing it home to them.

“What horrible people,” she effusively added.

To be clear, she continued, these restrictions aren’t affecting just schoolchildren — they’re also affecting young adults in colleges.

Indeed, a stunning number of supposed “institutions of higher learning” have imposed some of the toughest COVID restrictions in the country:

“At many top colleges and universities, your kids are forced to submit to the COVID vaccine even if they’ve gotten COVID in the past, or they’ll lose their education,” Ingraham noted.

And again, all to protect the triple vaxed, quadruple masked COVID zealots, though this “viciously anti-child” lunacy isn’t necessarily a surprise.

It’s “part of a larger mindset that’s been cultivated for decades now. It’s no secret that our culture has a selfishness problem,” according to the Fox News host.

“Children require sacrifice, children are love and as Mother Teresa said, they’re our most precious treasures. … Sadly, there are many who believe that children are just potential problems,” she said.

Too many view children as burdens and liabilities, and these disturbing thoughts, she continued, are the “byproducts of a radical and failing education system and also failure of parenting.”

Thankfully, “prominent pushback” has begun to emerge, though not surprisingly, the party that so loudly claims to be “for the children” is so passionately devoted to quelling the pushback and empowering the very people who think so little of children …

Vivek Saxena


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