Interview-gate: Another radio host confirms Biden’s team provided questions in advance

President Joe Biden’s debate disaster bled into “interview-gate” as a second radio host confirmed the damage control appearances were anything but “unscripted.”

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Oddsmakers have increasingly presented the incumbent’s likelihood of stepping aside as a matter of when rather than if, and recent revelations from softball appearances showed why. With the president’s ailing mental fortitude no longer being glossed over by corporate media, at least two radio hosts exposed how string-pullers behind the scenes had ultimately ensnared their candidate by their own design.

In addition to appearing on CNN, CivicMedia’s Wisconsin-based Earl Ingram spoke with ABC News Saturday and confirmed that, like Philadelphia-based radio host Andrea Lawful-Sanders, he had been primed for his interview with the president with questions from Biden’s team.

“Yes, I was given some questions for Biden,” said Ingram who’d asked four of the five selections that had been provided to him. “I didn’t get a chance to ask him all the things I wanted to ask.”

The questions that were asked by the host included:

“Can you speak to some accomplishments that we may or may not be familiar with about your record, especially here in Wisconsin?”

“What’s at stake for Black voters this election?”

“A lot of people have been told their vote doesn’t matter. What can you say to them?”

“Let’s talk about the debate: Can you address some of the concerns about your performance and [former President Donald] Trump’s ridiculous remark about Black jobs?”


“To think that I was gonna get an opportunity to ask any question to the president of the United States, I think, is a bit more than anybody should expect,” Ingram told ABC News which had been the go-to outlet for Biden’s damage control as he sat down with George Stephanopoulos, accomplishing little as by way of allaying concerns about the incumbent’s lasting candidacy.

Likewise, appearing alongside Ingram on CNN, Lawful-Sanders had told Victor Blackwell on CNN earlier Saturday, “The questions were sent to me for approval. I approved of them.”

A statement from Biden campaign spokesperson Lauren Hitt had attempted to downplay the revelations and contended, “It’s not at all an uncommon practice for interviewees to share topics they would prefer. These questions were relevant to news of the day — the president was asked about this debate performance as well as what he’d delivered for Black Americans. ”

“We do not condition interviews on acceptance of these questions, and hosts are always free to ask the questions they think will best inform their listeners,” she continued. “In addition to these interviews, the President also participated in a press gaggle yesterday as well as an interview with ABC. Americans have had several opportunities to see him unscripted since the debate.”

The “unscripted” interview with Lawful-Sanders happened to be the same conversation where Biden flubbed his way through touting his record of race-based hiring practices by expressing in part, “By the way, I’m proud to be, as I said — the first vice president, first black woman… to serve with a black president.”

Of course, despite the claims from Hitt, Sherwin Hughes, another Wisconsin-based radio host, told ABC News that he had not been sent questions when he had been granted the opportunity to interview Biden prior to the debate.

Meanwhile, deflections weren’t helped any by ABC’s Jon Karl who was made a laughingstock on social media Saturday for appearing to feign “outrage” over the reported aid to Biden’s image despite repeated instances from throughout his administration where he’d been primed for pre-selected questions.

Kevin Haggerty


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