‘It has been nearly four years. When does it stop?’ Pro-Trump lawyer arrested after defamation hearing

Michigan attorney Stefanie Lambert was arrested by U.S. Marshals on Monday after a hearing in a separate case involving leaked internal emails related to Dominion Voting Systems.

Lambert is facing charges of illegally accessing voting machines in Michigan after the 2020 election and was arrested by Marshals on “local charges,” the Associated Press reported.

Monday’s hearing was related to Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne who was being represented by Lambert in a defamation case brought by Dominion.

“A Michigan judge earlier this month issued a bench warrant for Lambert after she missed a hearing in her case, in which she’s charged with four felonies for accessing voting machines in a search for evidence of a conspiracy theory against Trump,” according to AP. “Lambert had earlier, unsuccessfully, sued to overturn Trump’s loss in Michigan.”

The Associated Press reported:

Earlier Monday, Lambert had acknowledged passing on the records from Dominion Voting Systems to “law enforcement.” She then attached an affidavit that included some of the leaked emails and was signed by Dar Leaf, a county sheriff in southwestern Michigan who has investigated false claims of widespread election fraud from the 2020 election, to a filing in her own case in Michigan. The rest of the documents were posted to an account under Leaf’s name on X, the social platform formally known as Twitter.


The pro-Trump attorney was not seen leaving the courtroom after Byrne’s defamation hearing, prompting speculation about what had happened.

“The judge told Lambert to stay behind as the hearing wrapped up. The other attorneys left the courtroom, and two federal marshals then went inside and locked the doors. Lambert was never seen exiting the courtroom. The marshals declined to say whether they arrested her, and she didn’t answer messages seeking comment after the hearing,” CNN reported.

U.S. Marshals Service spokesperson Brady McCarron said that Lambert was turned over to the D.C. Metropolitan Police after her arrest Monday.

According to Lambert, the disclosed documents contain evidence that Serbian nationals interfered in the 2020 election.

Last week, Dominion filed a motion to have Lambert removed from the Byrne case alleging that a protective order placed on the documents had been violated.

“These actions should shock the conscience,” the motion read. “They reflect a total disregard for this Court’s orders, to say nothing of the safety of Dominion employees.”

In court on Monday, Dominion lawyer Davida Brook accused Lambert and Byrne of “using these lawsuits to spread yet more lies.”

“It has been nearly four years – when does it stop?” Brook reportedly asked.

Election Integrity Force, a group of volunteers investigating election integrity in Michigan, released a statement following the arrest of Lambert whom they said was “targeted by law enforcement.”

“Her arrest raises grave concerns about due process and the constitutional rights of those who seek to expose corruption and advocate for electoral integrity,” the group said.

“The significance of today’s events extends beyond Ms. Lambert’s personal legal battle. It represents a chilling threat to free speech, the right to legal defense, and the broader principles that underpin our republic. When attorneys, who play a critical role in upholding justice and transparency, are persecuted for their advocacy, it undermines public confidence in our institutions and erodes the foundation of our republic,” EIF added.

Frieda Powers


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