James Golden shares what Rush Limbaugh ‘never wanted anyone to know’ during his living years

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Rush Limbaugh’s longtime producer James Golden, fondly known as “Bo Snerdley,” appeared on Fox & Friends” Friday morning to discuss his new book “Rush on the Radio.” In the touching and timely tribute, Golden has tried to capture the unprecedented generosity of Limbaugh, something the legendary man was too humble to reveal while he was alive.

Golden was the call screener on Limbaugh’s syndicated radio program, “The Rush Limbaugh Show,” and senior producer when guest hosts filled in, and he talked about what it was like working with the late radio legend with the Fox News morning crew.

“Rush Limbaugh has done more with his generosity to help millions of Americans in this country,” Golden said. “His generosity was almost unprecedented, never wanted anybody to know. His political acumen, second to none. His skills as a broadcaster, second to none. He changed the ebb and flow of American radio, but also opened the door for conservatives in American print and yes, even impacted cable news. An incredible, incredible man.”

The segment opened with a focus on the growing trend of mob robberies in California, with Golden astutely saying “all of this is due to so-called reforms instituted by liberal district attorneys at the urging of progressives, and this is what we get, crime spiraling out of control.”

Be it the elimination of cash bail in many cases, or the reduction of bonds, or in many cases simply choosing not to prosecute many crimes based on a left-wing belief that the criminal justice system is systemically racist, jails may as well install revolving doors because criminals are being let out almost as fast as they are brought in.

Fox News host Rachel Campos-Duffy shared that it’s still hard for her to believe that Rush Limbaugh is gone in turning her attention to Golden’s book, “Rush on the Radio,” which is a “heartfelt reminiscence” from the person who was there from the beginning to the end that “will make you laugh, cry and always remember America’s great friend on the radio,” as the book’s description states.

She then played a montage of Limbaugh appearances on ‘Fox & Friends’ and other clips, before asking Golden about his tribute to his great friend.

“Hopefully what this is for readers is a look on the inside of what it was like working with this incredible man,” he replied. “To me, Rush was the best of men. A second-generation founding father who helped change the trajectory of this country for the better and we have, thank you Rush Limbaugh, now young generations of conservatives. In some cases families with three or four generations of people who listened to Rush and young conservatives now ready to move into positions of leadership.”

“He is missed every single day in this country, but his legacy, you just spoke some of it, the generosity, his personal generosity is astounding,” Golden said, citing Tunnels to Towers, which has helped the families of fallen first responders.

“When you lose your parents, when you lose someone close to you in the line of service you don’t care about the politics, but what you do care about is where you are going to live and Katherine and Rush went above board to raise all kinds of money for first responders with the help of Tunnels for Towers. You look at millions and millions Rush raised for leukemia research, we’re talking almost a 30 year period, millions of dollars. Leukemia doesn’t care who it strikes, it doesn’t care about your political affiliation.”

The author and radio personality — “Bo Snerdley” was launched two months ago on WABC-AM in New York — shares in his book what it was like “to be a part of the supersonic ride on the Rush Limbaugh program, the highest-rated radio show in history that spanned 33 years and changed the American political conversation,” as the description states. Golden not only talks about Rush’s generosity, but also highlight’s the “human spirit” of a man who was roundly demonized by the “drive-by media,” as Rush called them, for decades, calling his former boss a “beautiful human being.”

Tom Tillison


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