Elizabeth Warren finds bad guy on which to pin high Thanksgiving grocery costs. Hint, it’s not Biden.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren was mocked and ratioed online this week after blaming soaring Thanksgiving costs and inflation on private corporations and industry.

“Wondering why your Thanksgiving groceries cost more this year?” Warren wrote noted Thanksgiving Eve. “It’s because greedy corporations are charging Americans extra just to keep their stock prices high. This is outrageous.”

Her missive comes amid spiking inflation, which rose 6.2 percent last month, according to the Labor Department. October’s increase was the fifth straight month inflation exceeded 5 percent, the most in 30 years.

The dramatic rise in prices — for food, gasoline, used cars, homes, and other common consumer items — has led liberal news outlets and pundits to suggest that inflation is actually “good” or to call on Americans not to purchase certain items over Thanksgiving, including turkeys, per NBC News, and asking friends to help pay food costs.

Warren’s claim drew plenty of scorn.

“I’m sure that 31-year high in inflation in entirely incidental,” Twitter user AdamInHTown noted.

“Apparently corporations are 7.5 percent greedier than they were two years ago,” Josh Barro noted.

“This is like the text of a 419 scam email,” Paul Graham responded. “It seems patently ridiculous to you, because you’re not its target audience. It’s meant only for those dumb enough to believe it.”

“Really. These corporations have no competition? Politicians like Warren blame everything but their own bad policies,” John Stossel added.

“Amazing they waited till just now though. You’ve… you’ve never taught at the secondary school level or higher I hope,” Ron Coleman said.

“Wondering why your thanksgiving groceries (and pretty much everything else) cost more this year? It’s because the supply of goods and services are flat to down, but we printed 40% of all the USD EVER in 18 months. Not that hard to figure out,” another user said.

“Wondering why your Thanksgiving groceries cost more this year? It’s because governments locked everybody down, bankrupted small businesses, destroyed supply chains, and went on a printing rampage. Facts,” another user wrote.

“@SenWarren insulting the intelligence of hard-working Americans yet again. Wondering why your thanksgiving groceries cost more this year? It’s because greedy politicians are charging Americans extra just to print more money to pay bills. This is outrageous,” yet another said.

Jon Dougherty


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