James Woods understands why climate leaders don’t do Zoom conferences

Doomsayers logic-defying, in-person global summit expertly explained by actor James Woods and others after reiterated questions on shirking virtual alternatives.

Rules for thee but not for me may as well be the slogan as elitists gathered in Dubai for the United Nations Climate Change Conference, or COP28, that began Nov. 30. With the likes of jet-setting U.S. Special Envoy for Climate John Kerry pushing to shutter coal plants over the alleged severity of the climate crisis, inquiring minds wondered at the failure to take simple steps to prove how serious they were.

“Why do leaders fly private jets to conferences on climate change when they could just have the meeting over Zoom and help the environment?” wondered X user Travis prompting a concise retort from Woods.

“Because they don’t serve caviar and bags of cash in zoom meetings,” the conservative-minded celebrity offered.

Previously, it had been reported that with over 70,000 people expected to attend the conference in the United Arab Emirates, around 25,000 more than the year prior, this year’s UN event was expected to have a carbon footprint far exceeding that of previous years despite promises of “environmentally sustainable, socially responsible, delicious and nutritious food and beverage” at the high-end hotels.

As such, Woods was not alone in calling out the suspected true motivations of the fat cat globalists who’d hitched their wagon to the wholly visible hand influencing industry and society around the world.

“It’s harder to conduct backroom deals and scam tax dollars that way,” posited one user as another opined, “They’re conditioning people to get [used] to them having rights and privileges that you can’t have. Rules for thee not for me.”

“No photo ops in zoom meetings! No ability to make secret side deals to screw the general population,” was also presented as someone else quipped, “Zoom doesn’t offer hookers yet.”

Kerry, the climate czar who has himself repeatedly been called out over his own use of a private jet that reportedly produced 47 times as much carbon in one year as the average American does with their personal vehicle, pushed the green agenda for COP28 with a statement on joining the Powering Past Coal Alliance.

The pact had nearly 60 nations agreeing to phase out coal-fired plants despite the lacking infrastructure to allow for the change and the special envoy said, “We will be working to accelerate unabated coal phase-out across the world, building stronger economies and more resilient communities.”

“The first step is to stop making the problem worse: stop building new unabated coal power plants,” furthered Kerry’s statement.

Meanwhile, as globalists at the conference pushed for the United States to follow clampdowns on coal with like measures against natural gas as Americans were already struggling with crippling inflation, independent research provider Rhodium Group stated reported China accounted for 27% of total global emissions.

The leader in output, roughly triple that of the United States, has made no such commitment to satisfy the green agenda and instead has approved production of new coal plants to preserve energy security and independence.

Kevin Haggerty


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