Jasmine Crockett gets her panties in a cringy bunch because Chip Roy called Kamala a DEI Veep

A race-hustling hissy fit saw the “clapback” congresswoman proving a fellow Texan’s point about Vice President Kamala Harris’ DEI credentials after labeling him “ignorant as all get out.”

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As then-candidate Joe Biden expressed when narrowing down his field of running mates in 2020, he intended to pick a woman of color to be his vice president. Now, as his re-election campaign remains in doubt, leftists like Texas Rep. Jasmine Crockett (D) are stewing over the reality that a potential Harris presidential candidacy amounts to little more than a diversity hire.

Monday, she joined MSNBC’s Joy Reid at the hub of hustling on “The ReidOut” to gripe over Texas Rep. Chip Roy (R) pointing out the jam that Democrats had left themselves in by selecting Harris in the first place.

“You can obviously see he is ignorant as all get out,” tried the congresswoman after the host played the clip of Roy’s comments. “You can see that he wishes he had half the competency of Vice President Kamala Harris. Don’t talk to me about what a DEI hire looks like ’cause we know that you have never ever engaged in diversity, equity, or inclusion when it came to your office. So we know that you don’t know anything about hiring diversity.”

Earlier that day, the House Freedom Caucus policy chair joined David Asman on the Fox Business Network where he weighed in on the self-inflicted bind and suggested consideration of the 25th Amendment, “At the end of the day, I don’t think they’ll go there. I don’t think they can.”

Supporting his belief that Harris and the cabinet would not opt to deem Biden unfit to serve, he went on, “They’re in a box. They are in a box where they’ve gotta choose between a mentally incompetent president and a DEI vice president. And they know that they’re gonna be facing a problem either way.”

(Video Credit: Fox Business)

Crockett, who previously attempted to capitalize off of a mid-hearing spat with Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R) where she’d referred to her peer as having a “bleach blonde, bad built, butch body” by selling merchandise with the line under the banner, “Crockett Clapback Collection,” wasn’t alone in bristling at the suggestion Harris was only in her current position because of her race.

As previously covered, a New York Post headline that declared, “America may soon be subjected to the country’s first DEI president: Kamala Harris,” peeved progressives despite the piece’s author, Charles Gasparino, also reminding the “DEI is the Democratic Party’s touchstone, no matter how much evidence amasses that it’s a failed ideology.”

Before the interview ended, the congresswoman inadvertently made a pitch in opposition to the Marxist ideology as she tried to further slam Roy, “And so what they need to do is get over their incompetence and just try to get on our level and decide that they’re going to compete and start to come up with actual policies instead of going after people because of how they look or how they were born.”

“Instead they need to focus on taking care of the American people,” added Crockett who herself appeared to remain focused on the congressman’s skin color, “which means that you’re gonna take care of people other than just white folk. It means that you take care of brown, Hispanic, Asian, and everyone.”

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