Trump warns a new kind of crime is coming once hordes of Biden migrants settle in

The southern border crisis had former President Donald Trump warning of a wholly “new form of crime” because of his rival’s policies “…and it might blow all of our crime out the window…”

(Video Credit: Fox News)

In contrasting his administration with his successor, President Joe Biden, the GOP leader known for dishing out monikers expanded on his use of “Biden migrant crime” during a Monday interview with Fox News host Sean Hannity.

During the discussion, Trump readily switched gears from the Democrat’s crippling economic policies to the chaos wrought by the open border as he reminded about the enticing freebies being offered to foreign nationals like room and board at the taxpayer’s expense.

With estimates surpassing 8 million illegal entries since the incumbent was sworn in, the presumptive Republican nominee brought up some of the dramatic statistics on “Hannity” and expressed, “Every state is a border state. Whether it’s Idaho or Iowa or Ohio, it doesn’t make any difference. They’re all border because they’re all pouring through our country.”

“And if you look at it, Venezuela, their crime is down 72%. Their crime, think of it, down 72 and ours is up. And we’re gonna have a new form of crime because these people are just getting comfortable,” said Trump. “They’re just getting settled in. We’re gonna have a new form of crime and it’s called Biden migrant crime. And that’s — it’s a new category.”

“And it’s a very serious category, and it might blow all of our crime out the window because, frankly, you could probably double — when I tell you those numbers in Chicago where 17 people dying this weekend, think of it, over a weekend, over a three-day period, four-day period, you had over 100 people shot and 17 people dead. And that probably doesn’t include the migrants, although I guarantee you there was some of that in there too,” added the onetime commander-in-chief.

Hammering home his point, Trump, who blamed foreign dictators and the like for facilitating the waves of illegal aliens that the Biden administration allowed in, reiterated, “We have a new form, it’s a new category, and it’s gonna be very, very serious for a long time to come. And we have to get ’em out of our country. We don’t want ’em out, they drop ’em out of their jails and prisons. We don’t want them in our country. It’s not sustainable by any country.”

Hannity went on to raise a number of the tragedies alleged to have occurred at the hands of illegal aliens like what happened to Laken Riley, Rachel Morin, and 12-year-old Jocelyn Nungaray who was believed to have been brutalized and strangled to death by two Venezuelan nationals. Trump had reportedly stepped up where his rival hadn’t and made contact with the grieving family to express his sympathies.

The stark contrast between the GOP’s approach to national sovereignty and security with the Democrats’ globalist open border policies has grown even more pronounced as leftist leadership whipped their caucus to oppose an election integrity bill aimed at barring foreign national interference. As Congress returned from a recess, House Minority Whip Katherine Clark’s (D-MA) office issued guidance that encouraged her peers “to VOTE NO” on the Safeguard American Voter Eligibility (SAVE) Act that would require proof of U.S. citizenship to register to vote in federal elections.

Meanwhile, boasts of decreased border crossings after Biden issued an executive order on asylum claims were revealed to be something of an illusion as policies enabled the entry of millions of foreign nationals into the country via other means such as foregoing in-person interviews for nonimmigrant visa applications.

Kevin Haggerty


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