Jason Whitlock unleashes a blistering message for Fox News: ‘Don’t bother contacting me’

Blaze host Jason Whitlock says he “won’t be participating” in anything Fox News does following the firing of its most popular personality, Tucker Carlson.

“It’s unlikely I will ever watch Fox News again,” the “Fearless” host stated on Tuesday. “If any of the producers at Fox News are watching: Don’t bother contacting me.”

Whitlock was a frequent guest on Fox News’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight” and stressed he harbors no ill feelings for the network’s other hosts, such as Sean Hannity, Jesse Watters, or Laura Ingraham, but says, “I just have no use for Fox News.”

“There’s good people working there,” Whitlock said, “but it’s so crystal clear, Fox News is now part of the corporate mainstream of America.”

“No interest in truth,” he continued. “No interest in challenging the prevailing powers.”

“They’re in on it,” Whitlock stated. “And they’ve been in on it. But now they’re full-blown in on it—this whole transitioning of American society from a patriarchy to a matriarchy.”

In an op-ed for Blaze Media, Whitlock expounded on his theory.

“The fall of Tucker Carlson at Fox News symbolizes the matriarchy’s prioritizing of message over merit,” he wrote. “Performance could not shield Carlson from the consequence of America’s adoption of a feminized culture that levels the playing field by castrating men, reimagining traditional standards, and embracing a false reality.”

Whitlock continued:

Monday morning, Fox News cut ties with the most popular host on cable television. According to the Los Angeles Times and other so-called news outlets, Rupert Murdoch, the founder of Fox News, decided to oust Carlson partially because of a discrimination lawsuit filed by Abby Grossberg, a former talent booker on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” Grossberg claims she was bullied and subjected to anti-Semitic remarks while working for Carlson.

It’s a familiar pattern at Fox News and across corporate media and America. From Roger Ailes to Tavis Smiley to Bill O’Reilly, the misbehavior of men and/or allegations of disgruntled female employees are used to dislodge men from positions of influence.


In his Twitter video, Whitlock called the shift at Fox News “inevitable.”

“This has been inevitable since [former Fox News chairman and CEO] Roger Ailes got run out of there,” he stated. “The leadership is weak. The vision is weak. This is what happens when the true lion, the true visionary, gets too old, turns his company over to his kids, turns it over to [CEO] Suzanne Scott– a woman in charge of Fox News.”

“The company is weak,” Whitlock repeated. “It’s matriarchal. I won’t be participating.”

The unapologetic host acknowledged that Fox won’t exactly be crushed by his stand against them.

“My ego is not that big,” he said. “I’m meaningless. I’m a fly on an elephant’s ass. I get it.”

“But I do think my point of view and perspective is representative of a lot of people,” he noted. “We have no use for Fox News moving forward.”

In firing Carlson, Whitlock argued that Fox News is “no different” from the other mainstream news networks, such as CNN, MSNBC, “and all the rest.”

“Don’t fall for the gimmick,” he urged his viewers. “Whoever they put in there next, don’t fall for the gimmick. They’ll pretend like they’re outspoken. They’re controlled opposition, the entire network.”

In his op-ed, Whitlock warned of Fox New’s imminent spin on Carlson’s “inferior replacement.”

“Fox News will install an inferior replacement, and the rest of corporate media will claim our affinity for Carlson reflects our misogyny and racism,” he stated. “To be tolerated, the matriarchy requires Marxism and a matrix.”


Melissa Fine


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