Jesse Watters predicts who Democrat Party will turn to now that ‘Joe’s base is toast’

Fox News host Jesse Watters voiced his concerns about what comes next if the Democratic Party can’t convince America to give President Joe Biden a second term. Who does the party turn to, and could it be former first lady Michelle Obama?

With Biden’s policies and job performance receiving universally harsh reviews, it’s hard to see a path to victory in 2024. Who, then, would the Democrats be able to sell to the American people as someone who will actually get things done this time?

“Joe Biden’s a legend in his own mind and doesn’t think he’s going anywhere. It’s not like he lost his fastball, he never had one,” Watter quipped. “He’s already a lame duck, the most unpopular president of all time. And he just caught COVID.”

“In a new Quinnipiac poll, 71% of Americans are against Biden running for a second term, with more than half of Democrats saying he’s got to go. With friends like that, who needs enemies? Because those numbers are awful. His own team’s telling him to go home. But can you blame them? Everything’s expensive and more dangerous. The country is a mess,” the host explained, adding, “The first lady just called Hispanics ‘tacos,’ and that was after Hispanics started ditching the president. Only 19% of Hispanics approve of the job Joe is doing, and only 21% of Millennials approve. And Joe’s policies are crippling Black Americans.”

Watters went on to list some lackluster potential primary candidates but quickly dismissed them.

“So, Joe’s base is toast. But who do the Democrats turn to? They have a pretty weak bench. Bernie Sanders is a socialist, he’s lost twice. Mayor Pete’s too short, kind of nerdy and has a weird last name. And Kamala Harris, well, do I even need to get into that?” he smiled. “And Gavin Newsom might look good playing president, but he’s not smart enough. So if not them, who?”

According to Watters, the answer could very well be found in the former FLOTUS, and it sounds like she’s putting out feelers.

“Michelle Obama, coincidentally, is reappearing, hitting the airwaves to push her new book and tell us how awful America has become.”

“Is Michelle saying she has the tools to fix the problems plaguing America? Well, it certainly sounds like it,” Watters posited. “Why else would she be writing a new book? She doesn’t need the money. And this book seems awfully political. Michelle’s last book sold 17 million copies. It wasn’t as good as ‘How I Saved the World,’ but, you know, people seem to like it.”

So if not for money, what other reason could Obama have for penning a book at this time? Watters believes the motive might be political and could be signaling a potential desire to get into the mix, come 2024.

“Let’s just say she did really well in the royalty department. And that’s on top of the $65 million book deal her and Barack signed for their memoirs in 2017 and the podcast agreement they inked with Spotify for $25 million, before jumping ship to Audible, since they couldn’t be seen in the same room as Joe Rogan. Or, you know, their Netflix production pact that could earn them up to $50 million just for some boring documentaries,” he listed.

“So with all of these deals, I don’t think Michelle is writing a book for her bank account. One of the questions I get asked a lot by fans or by friends or conservative family members, my in-laws obviously, is, ‘Can I reach across the table and punch Geraldo in the face?’ But the second question I get is always, ‘Do you think Michelle Obama is running for president?'”

“I don’t know if people are scared of her or if they’re just curious, but would Michelle Obama be a formidable presidential candidate?” Watters asked.

Sierra Marlee


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