Jim Comey says Trump ‘begging’ for jail sentence by ‘taking a flamethrower’ to judicial process

The storytelling former fed, key in the Russia collusion hoax, advanced his take on what former President Donald Trump was “begging” for throughout his criminal trial.

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One day after CNN hit cleanup in defense of the government’s draconian response to COVID by bringing Dr. Anthony Fauci on after his congressional testimony, former FBI Director James Comey was tapped to do likewise for Attorney General Merrick Garland. Saving face for the Justice Department after the top cop’s Capitol Hill grilling wasn’t all the G-man turned author had to offer as he also reiterated his take that Trump was “begging for a jail term.”

Appearing alongside host Kaitlan Collins on “The Source,” Comey’s prediction of the president’s conviction was invoked as she sought his take on the likelihood of incarceration.

“I would ordinarily say it’s unlikely, in a white-collar offense of this sort. But this is a defendant who’s begging for a jail term by taking a flamethrower not just to the judge, but to the entire process and the jury,” asserted the former director who’d led the FBI when Crossfire Hurricane was conducted against the GOP leader heading into the 2016 presidential election. “A judge will take that very seriously into consideration, in deciding whether to deter this person and to send a message, more broadly, he needs to spend some time behind bars.”

Comey had contended that Judge Juan Merchan would weigh Trump’s social media posts and comments in his sentencing, “All of that will be part of the picture that the judge looks at, to decide whether a message needs to be sent that involves jail.”

Days earlier, he had joined MSNBC’s Jen Psaki with a similar take adding, “One of the key things in assessing what sentence is appropriate, a judge looks at, ‘So, are you sorry for what you did or are you respecting the system?’ This defendant is running the other way.”

He’d roped that into squaring the sentences heaped on those who’d entered the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, as he asserted, “a deterrence message was sent — still being sent — by the Department of Justice that has scared the crap out of the would-be Capitol-sackers, the would-be marchers.”

Meanwhile, with Trump’s sentencing slated for July 11, Comey snuck in the spin used in an attempt to counter arguments about the weaponization of the federal government as he said, “It must be a weird time to be a conspiracy theorist. You flip on Fox News and you hear these people screaming at the attorney general about weaponizing and the next story is about the department prosecuting the president’s son for heaven’s sake.”

As it happened, when Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz (R) had the opportunity to question Garland Tuesday, the congressman expressed, “You come in here, and you lodge this attack that it’s a conspiracy theory that there is coordinated lawfare against Trump, and then, when we say, ‘fine, just give us the documents, give us the correspondence, and then, if it’s a conspiracy theory that will be evident. But when you say, well, we’ll take your request and then we’ll sort of work it through the DOJ’s accommodation process, then you’re actually advancing the very dangerous conspiracy theory that you’re concerned about.”

Summing up his spin, the former FBI director asserted to Collins that “people have to understand what’s at stake. Donald Trump cannot return to that Oval Office.”

Kevin Haggerty


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