Jim Jordan explains ‘investigations that go nowhere’ and why his hands are tied

Questions over “investigations that go nowhere” left Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan (R) with an admission about legislative powers.

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Late last week, the House Judiciary Committee, of which Jordan is chair, released a 300-page report making the case that Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s (D) criminal case against former President Donald Trump was allegedly a “political vendetta.”

While the timing was decried by some as too late to benefit the GOP leader, Fox News host Maria Bartiromo wondered where the rubber would meet the road regarding the findings on the weaponization of government and President Joe Biden’s supposed influence peddling.

“Well, look, I mean, at this point American citizens are asking what can you do about it,” the host of “Fox News Sunday” remarked. “I mean, look, with all due respect, people are sick and tired of congressional investigations that go nowhere.”

“People are sick and tired of letters being written and sent to the people who we know are bad in the first place. They want you to do something about it. You’re an elected official,” she reminded. “What can you do to right these wrongs?”

To Bartiromo’s point, Jordan indicated what had been seen thus far was the extent of congressional Republican’s capabilities with a Democratic Party majority in the Senate and their control of the executive branch.

“Well, we’ve passed legislation out of the committee that would help remedy this situation — particularly the one in New York; the president or vice president can move a case to federal court for when you do these state prosecutors who are going after someone for a political reason,” said the Ohio lawmaker of an attempt to see the venue of Trump’s criminal trial changed. “We’re a legislative branch, we can’t put anyone in jail. And I don’t think the Biden administration, their DOJ, is gonna go after the people who [we] need to go after.”

In laying fault with the Justice Department and Attorney General Merrick Garland, Jordan brought up unanswered questions about a pipe bomb discovered outside the Democratic National Committee headquarters in Washington, D.C. on Jan. 6, 2021, cocaine in the White House and who was the Supreme Court leaker behind the release of the draft decision on Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization.

A lack of meaningful results either politically or through prosecution had also bristled Steve Bannon who railed against House Speaker Mike Johnson on his “War Room” podcast about the timing of the latest report.

“Why was it not dropped on the eve of the trial, like the left does? Because they’re organized and they work together. And Johnson goes, you know, ‘they’re kind of socialistic, they’re very collective.’ Screw you, you twerp,” said Bannon, “You are a disgusting, revolting loser and you suppressed this document, and we lost the ability to crush their trial against Trump from the very beginning.”

“Why does Jordan…not have a criminal conspiracy investigation from Fani Willis in Georgia to ‘Big Tish James’ in New York City?” he later asked before suggesting the House committees were failing to do even the limited actions Jordan had laid out. “The Justice Department, why they’ve not been sent letters, preserve your documents. Why have hearings not gone on? Why have they not broken these things up? You know why. Because they don’t really have Trump’s back.”

Still, the congressman continued to challenge of the DOJ’s apparent priorities, of which he included targeting Trump and parents attending school board meetings, before he concluded to Bartiromo on the issue, “Our job is to get the facts out there and to look at legislation. We can’t prosecute anyone; only the DOJ can. And frankly, the Biden DOJ is just not gonna do it.”

Kevin Haggerty


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