Joe Rogan explains what liberals get wrong on income inequality… while dressed as a furry

Mega-podcaster Joe Rogan embraced his inner furry on Tuesday’s show while addressing what liberals get wrong about income equality, saying that he agrees with most things they believe in but not their approach on that subject.

(Video Credit: The Joe Rogan Experience)

The celebration of his 2,000th episode started off with Rogan and his guest, fellow comedian Duncan Trussell, giving a nod to the furry community. Rogan dressed as a wolf named Ruff Ruff and spoke with Trussell dressed as a cat named Meow Meow. The heads came off not long into it because of the heat inside the getups. But before that, Rogan expressed his admiration for anyone who could have sex while dressed as a furry.

The two spoke about a number of topics including raising children and lobotomies. They eventually turned to a discussion concerning the upcoming presidential election.

“It’s not like the liberals don’t have things that I agree with. I agree with most of what they say. Most of the idea — like the civil ideas,” Rogan stated airing his leftist tendencies.

“Like what,” Trussell asked as Rogan got set to let loose.

“Like the idea that there’s like real income inequality in this country. It’s real,” Rogan responded. “And it’s kind of creepy. And there’s a source and the source is opportunity. And if we don’t create opportunity for these people that live in these horrible places, then we don’t give a f*** about them. And then if we wonder why there’s so much crime, we wonder why there’s so much violence.”

He then pivoted to the prison industrial complex.

It’s a real thing. They need prisoners. And then you find out that prison guards’ unions lobby to keep marijuana illegal. You’re like, what? Because they want more people in their prison. They want to lock people up so they can make money. It’s crazy. So the liberals are right on a lot of these. I just think they’re wrong in the approach. I think the approach is not to just exonerate people and let people outta jail and let f***ing chaos ensue and defund the police,” Rogan asserted.

His solution is to dump more money into cities and take on more police, with oversight, of course.

“Start figuring out how to set up community centers. Start figuring out how to get people healthy food, start figuring out how to protect people from gang violence,” Rogan contended.

“Maybe have more police so that the police can prevent people from getting shot and killed so they feel safe in their community. But you have to get better police. So you need more money for training, more money for funding, more money for salary, and make them feel like a respected, appreciated part of the community. And then have oversight over them and make sure that the people that have oversight over them are good people,” he concluded.

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