John Legend suggests Trump’s masculinity attracts Black and Latino males who are ‘misinformed’ on economy

Vehemently anti-Trump musician and snob John Legend has blamed “disinformation” and wrong ideas about “masculinity” for former President Donald Trump’s increasing appeal among blacks and Latinos.

“I do think Trump performs a form of masculinity that is appealing to some men,” he said Tuesday on “Pod Save America” in response to polls showing black/Latino men moving toward Trump. “That may explain the uptick.”

In fairness, Trump is a real man, and black and Latino men tend to be respectful of real men.

Listen to the whole podcast episode below:

(Video Credit: Pod Save America)

Legend went on to suggest these black and Latino men have basically been brainwashed into believing the economy is performing poorly under President Joe Biden.

“I hear a lot of misinformation and disinformation about the economy under Trump and what’s happened since,” he said. “To be clear, the economy is doing quite well.”

Fact-check: FALSE.

Not surprisingly, “Pod Save America” co-host Jon Favreau, formerly Barack Obama’s speechwriter, agreed with Legend.

“If you are informed about that, and you objectively are observing what’s going on with the economy, you would say actually, Biden is really great for the economy,” he claimed. “He’s great for men in the economy because he’s bringing back these jobs that men often do.”

Legend responded by alleging that Biden isn’t getting credit for his alleged “amazing accomplishments,” none of which he listed.

“You think Trump’s going to be better on the economy? No,” he continued, arguing that Trump would “roll back” Biden’s green initiatives and offer tax cuts to billionaires.

“If you care about either of those issues, like, no way, do not vote for him,” the musician added.

Never mind that doing both — backing off their overburdensome “green” agenda and not over-taxing billionaires — would do wonders for the economy, which, FYI, is anything but “great.”

Legend went on to slam pro-Trump artists for speaking their minds, suggesting they’re complete idiots.

“The depth and the breadth of understanding necessary to contribute meaningfully to the conversation is actually, like, just not there for most artists,” he claimed. “And you can’t really blame them. This is not what they do every day. They’re musicians, they’re actors, they’re in the public eye, and you want them to use that platform for good.”

“But also, you want them to do it with a sense of knowledge and understanding and wisdom and connection to activists and organizers and experts. And everybody’s just not able to do that. And so I think we all as fans should be careful what we ask them to do because you might not get what you’re wanting out of that conversation and engagement,” he added.

His remarks have prompted a massive backlash, with a large number of critics calling him out for his bull.


Legend’s remarks come amid a reported effort by the Biden campaign to launch a last-minute effort to drum up more black votes.

The effort is designed to reverse the president’s gradual declining support among black Americans.

Whereas, Biden won 92 percent of the black vote in the 2020 presidential election, his support among them has since dropped precariously low to just 69 percent versus the 18 percent that now support Trump.

“Biden’s new plan, which includes an eight-figure investment, will rely on black student organizations, community groups, churches, and surrogates to improve his standing with black voters in swing states,” according to an Axios report.

“Biden’s campaign is convinced that many voters who supported him in 2020 will return to the Democratic party as the 2024 contest comes into sharper focus. But they know they have to work to bolster enthusiasm for Biden among young, black, and Hispanic voters,” Axios notes.

Vivek Saxena


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