Lefty journo unmasks Christian ‘indoctrination’ of Florida students, reveals Founding of America instead

A leftist “journalist” is facing mockery for fearmongering because Florida students are being taught the basics of the Judeo-Christian faith.

While schools are secular, the Judeo-Christian faith is the foundation of Western government and society, and so naturally, students are taught some elements of it in school.

But to hear lefty “journalist” Judd Legum tell it, the fact that they’re learning this basic info means they’re now being indoctrinated in “Christian nationalism.” No joke.


The tweet above is the beginning of a lengthy thread documenting this alleged indoctrination.

The next tweet warns that “[a] three-day training course on civic education, conducted throughout Florida in the summer of 2023, included a presentation on the ‘Influences of the Judeo-Christian Tradition’ on the founding of the United States.”‘

“According to speaker notes accompanying one slide, teachers were told that ‘Christianity challenged the notion that religion should be subservient to the goals of the state,’ and the same hierarchy is reflected in America’s founding documents,” Legum writes.

Oh no…

“That slide is accurate and informative, and describes an important religious teaching that many people throughout American history have believed. There should be nothing controversial about it,” one critic tweeted in response to Legum’s whining.


Continuing his screed, Legum then complains about a slide containing quotes from Peter Lillback, a Christian leader.

“To be free, you need a republic. To have a republic, you need a constitution. To have a constitution, you need morality (virtue). To have morality (virtue), you need religion,” one of the quotes reads.

Oh, the horror!

“Promoting faith does not equate to Christian nationals. Florida is correct to want to teach moral philosophy in order to build good virtue which leads to good actions and choices,” one critic tweeted in response to this particular complaint.

Legum goes on to complain that Lillback is a “favorite” of conservative commentator Glenn Beck — which is evidently a big no-no.

“Lillback, a favorite of right-wing pundit Glenn Beck, is not a prominent historian,” he whines. “But Lillback is one of the original signatories of the Manhattan Declaration, a 2009 document calling for civil disobedience if the United States fails to adopt the views of right-wing Christians on abortion and same-sex marriage.”

Fact-check: FALSE. In the declaration, a number of Christian leaders simply reaffirmed their support for a number of Christian principles, including the sanctity of life, traditional marriage, and religious liberty.

Legum adds in an additional tweet that, in some of Lillback’s quotes, he “argues that there would be no freedom, no republic, and no constitution without religion.”

“The slide’s speaker notes emphasize that ‘the separation of Church and State did not mean the separation of God and government,’ and all the founders were ‘steeped in the Judeo-Christian tradition,'” the lefty “journalist” adds.

The thread goes on like this for at least 10 more fearmongering tweets — tweets that are now being flamed by conservatives (and even some atheists) for being so darn ridiculous.


Vivek Saxena


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