‘Joke is on the teller’: Greg Gutfeld calls out SNL over embarrassing Trump ‘de-bank’ skit

Trapped within an echo chamber of their own making, the latest attempt to jab at the former president teed-up the “collective ignorance” of Saturday Night Live for a Fox News funny man.

It may seem like an oxymoron, but woke comedy remains a thing and the most recent edition of NBC’s SNL offered up an embarrassing example that could have been avoided with “a simple Google search.”

During the Weekend Update segment of the program, cast member Colin Jost could barely keep a straight face as he worked to land a joke targeting former President Donald Trump for addressing what he believed was “an interesting new term called ‘de-bank.'”

The skit that ended with Jost asserting, “I don’t know what the hell de-bank means, but he might have to take de-ambulance to see de-doctor,” was met with well-deserved criticism from the X account End Wokeness that said, “This is what happens when you live in your own echo chamber. Not one SNL writer or audience member realized that de-banking is a real thing actually happening to the right.”

After adding, “Canada did it to the truckers. JPMorgan is doing it to conservatives and Christians. It was done to J/6 protestors. All it takes is a simple Google search. De-banking is real,” Fox News host Greg Gutfeld had piled on with his own commentary.

“friend once made a joke about the appearance of a sick person. a google search could have kept him from looking dumb. this is a case where a joke operates on collective ignorance: not knowing a common evil- a ‘new term’ apparently Trump invented, but hadn’t — that affected innocent civilians,” tweeted the late-night host. “how rich that the joke is on the teller.”

As it had been pointed out, de-banking is a readily used term of little concern to leftists who aren’t readily targeted by an overreaching weaponized federal government working hand-in-hand through public-private partnerships with corporatist elites pushing globalism.

In May 2023, 19 attorneys general led by then-Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron (R) had put JPMorgan Chase on notice for the discriminatory practice in a letter that noted how, despite the claims of inclusivity, the bank hadn’t “extended its openness and inclusivity to everyone. Last year, Chase de-banked a preeminent religious liberty organization (National Committee for Religious Freedom). And this was not an anomaly, as there have been at least two other similar incidents.”

Along with other examples listed by End Wokeness, MyPillow founder and CEO Mike Lindell had been de-banked by Minnesota Bank & Trust and Heartland Financial USA in just one instance where the businessman who readily vocalized his concerns over election integrity had been penalized for his beliefs.

Of course, with ESG on the rise and social credit scores negatively impacting daily life on the horizon, compounded with the left’s frequent assault of conservative concerns as little more than conspiracy theory, it wasn’t a stretch for some to theorize that the joke went beyond ignorance and was in fact part of an effort to deflect from the Marxist practices.

Kevin Haggerty


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