‘Where does it end?’ My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell is cancelled by two banks, fights back with vengeance

My Pillow founder and CEO Mike Lindell is once again under attack from “cancel culture” warriors.

In an Insider interview Friday, Lindell revealed that two banks, Minnesota Bank & Trust and Heartland Financial USA, told him they no longer wanted his business.

Earlier this month, “all records of communication” from Lindell’s cell phone number, between November 1, 2020, to January 31, 2021, were subpoenaed by the January 6 House Select Committee, a move Lindell believes raised concerns at Minnesota Bank & Trust.

“These guys have an agenda, there’s something wrong, or they would’ve done something before,” Lindell told insider. “They would’ve done something last year or year ago. Like on January 9, when I was at the White House, running around with papers from a lawyer that said ‘martial law,’ they would have done this.

“Why did they wait till now?” he continued. “There’s something behind us, and we can’t let everyone get de-banked in our country.”

Lindell also appeared on Steve Bannon’s “War Room” podcast Friday, with recordings of a phone call between Lindell’s controller and a man Lindell identifies as Tom Cardle, a senior vice president at Minnesota Bank & Trust.

“What you’re going to hear in these recordings is horrific,” said Lindell.

In the recordings, the bank exec referred to the bank’s continued relationship with Lindell as a “reputation risk.”

The executive is heard saying, “Not that the FBI is even sniffing and looking, but what if somebody came in and said, ‘you know what, we’re gonna subpoena all of his account records, and this and that,’ and we make the news?”

While Minnesota Bank & Trust is not the home of My Pillow’s business, it does include the accounts for nine of Lindell’s consumer and charitable entities, including the Lindell Recovery Network, Lindell Outreach, and My Store, a growing alternative to Amazon.

“By doing this, now, these banks want to get part of the cancel culture,” Lindell told Bannon. “They want to cancel out all of these entities. The biggest one they worry about? Frank Speech, everybody. They want to silence frank Speech. They want to silence my voice.”

“Where does it end, everybody? Where does it end when they are de-banking?” he asked. “Somebody got to them. This is what I believe.”

Lindell reached out to Minnesota Bank & Trust, who apparently dodged his calls and kept him on hold for 45 minutes before finally telling him he’d “look into it.”

“Look into what?” Lindell responded on War Room. “ I’m supposed to be able to sleep knowing I’m getting cancelled yet again?”

Lindell cited several examples of Christian and Conservative businesses that have been deplatformed in recent years, but wondered how many businesses have been de-banked.

“This is a first for me,” he said.

The banks have given Frank Speech a week, and the rest of the businesses 30 days, to leave.

“I am not being part of this,” Lindell told Bannon. “I am not leaving. You’re going to have to throw me out of your bank.”

Melissa Fine


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