Joy Behar gets brutal backlash for strangely telling people to ‘come out’ as gay this Thanksgiving

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Left-wing “The View” host Joy Behar triggered virulent backlash from her side of the political aisle on Wednesday for encouraging people to “come out” as gay on Thanksgiving.

The remarks appeared during a discussion about political talk at the Thanksgiving dinner table. The discussion began with co-host Whoopi Goldberg citing a Quinnipiac poll showing that the majority of Americans would prefer to avoid talking about politics this Thanksgiving.

Behar responded by asserting that she prefers talking about politics and religion — despite her history suggesting she has but a rudimentary understanding of both issues — versus talking about whether grandma’s “still ovulating.”

“I would like to suggest that you, everybody out there, come out to your family this Thanksgiving. Just come out. See what happens,” she continued.

This prompted some confusion. Did she mean “come out” as in socialize publicly? After all, there are still COVID zealots preaching total isolation.

“I’m sorry, I’m just curious. Come out the door? What do you mean?” Goldberg asked.

“Come out gay. If you’re gay, come out. … Be yourself. I’m old enough now. I know life is short because it went by like that. It’s not over yet, so that’s why I can still keep yakking. But I say that you should be yourself. This is my philosophy in life,” Behar responded.

“I’m here [on the show] 25 years, I’m always the same: annoying as I am. So my whole thing is, you come out and be yourself. Don’t let anyone tell you what you have to be in life.”

The remarks did not fare well on Twitter, where leftists argued that she was endangering people’s lives:

Some leftists also perceived her remarks as a threat.


While Behar tends to be wrong about virtually everything, what she said this time around doesn’t appear to be as wrong as usual.

Despite the outcry from her critics, it’s the year 2021 going on 2022, and coming out in the United States of America appears to pose a minimal risk, given as being gay is practically a badge of honor in contemporary, “woke” America.

A Gallup poll published in February found that “more adults identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender than ever before” in U.S. history, according to ABC News.

“This poll confirms what we have long known — that the LGBTQ community is powerful and a growing force in the United States, and around the world,” Human Rights Campaign president Alphonso David said at the time.

“Young adults, in particular, feel empowered to publicly claim their identities — a compelling finding and validation for the past generations of LGBTQ advocates who have long fought for full equality.”

If anything, coming out as a Christian who opposes same-sex marriage appears to pose a far larger threat these days than coming out as gay.

Take Barronelle Stutzman, the flower shop owner and grandmother who was inundated with death threats after politely refusing in 2015 to take on the floral arrangements for one of her longtime customer’s upcoming gay wedding.

“The 72-year-old grandmother is the owner of Arlene’s Flowers in Richland, Washington, and is currently involved in a lawsuit involving a customer of nearly 10 years, Rob Ingersoll,” as reported by the Catholic News Agency in 2018.

“Barronelle knew Rob was gay from the beginning. ‘It was never an issue,’ she said. … But when Rob came in and told Barronelle that he had gotten engaged to his boyfriend, she took him by the hand and explained that she believed marriage to be a sign of the relationship between Christ and the Church, and so she could not do the floral arrangements for a same-sex wedding.”

The story quickly went viral, triggering a lawsuit and death threats, which in turn forced her to invest in a security system.

“Even today, we’re very aware of people who come in who might do us harm,” she said.

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