Juan Williams asks if GOP women ‘will stand with Cheney,’ Twitter floods him with a single word: ‘NO’

Fox News’s Juan Williams isn’t exactly the most popular guy among conservatives in the network’s lineup, even when he’s writing for The Hill, so when he asked in a Monday op-ed if GOP women will “stand with Cheney” before Republicans have stopped celebrating her trouncing in Wyoming’s primary, he probably should have expected the slew of snarky responses that followed.

In a piece that lists a string of female politicians who have put themselves in a lonely corner over their hatred for former President Donald Trump, Williams attempts to engage with conservative women and rally support for never-Trumpers, but what he really reveals is his own low opinion of GOP women through his refusal to accept that voters knew their own minds when they tossed Cheney to the curb.

Why Williams thought he was the perfect person to mansplain conservative Girl Power to readers is beyond anyone’s guess, but mansplain he did, starting with “two prominent Republican women” that actual Republican women have rejected in droves, Elaine Chao and Betsy DeVos, who, as Williams states like it’s a good thing, “both resigned from Trump’s cabinet to protest his role in inciting the mob attack of Jan. 6, 2021, on the Capitol.”


He then points to “TV-friendly” women (seriously, what exactly does that mean, Juan?)  like “Carly Fiorina, the businesswoman and former presidential candidate; Christine Todd Whitman, the former governor of New Jersey; and Barbara Comstock, the former Virginia congresswoman.”

“All are willing to pay the political price for calling out Republicans who have fallen under Trump’s spell,” he declares.

His op-ed is a RINO stampede, and Williams apparently had no clue how condescending phrases like “TV-friendly” and the suggestion that they have “fallen under” any man’s “spell” would read to the very audience he was clearly hoping to impress.

“@TheJuanWilliams seems to be trying to wave some kind of sexist flag for @RepLizCheney…” wrote one user on Twitter, “of course, she was repudiated by voters because she couldn’t care less about them.”

“Women stand by Cheney?” asked another. “Why? Because Cheney’s a woman? This is an absolutely ridiculous question!”



But Williams wasn’t finished with his parade of dismissed dames.

“Then there is Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler (R-Wash.) who, like Cheney, voted to impeach the then-president and went on to lose her GOP primary to a Trump-backed challenger,” he continued. “She has no regrets about being punished in the primary for defying Trump.”

So it wasn’t that voters weighed the evidence and came to the conclusion that Beutler and Cheney were wrong — they were just two girls getting spanked for stepping out of the cult.

It’s beyond offensive. But he still wasn’t done.

“Then there are the younger women,” he wrote.

“One former Trump White House aide, Cassidy Hutchinson, caused a sensation in late June with her damning evidence to the House Select Committee investigating Jan. 6. Former deputy press secretary Sarah Matthews testified the following month, while former director of strategic communications Alyssa Farah Griffin has become a high-profile Trump critic through her frequent media appearances,” he reported.

“Oh, Juan – you lost me at Cassidy Hutchison presenting ‘evidence,'” replied yet another Twitter user. “What she presented was hearsay, rumor, innuendo and assumption. Perfect for Ms. Cheney, but as her primary demonstrated, not perfect for Wyoming. She’s a minor player from a warmonger family. Let it go, we have.”

And then Williams told GOP women why, from his male perspective, they should all join Cheney and her ilk, as though the women he was trying to convince needed to be reminded of why they ought to be triggered by Trump.

“Six years ago, Trump trafficked in sexist rhetoric to defeat a woman, Hillary Clinton,” he ranted. “He was infamously recorded on the ‘Access Hollywood’ tape boasting about how stardom means ‘you can do anything…grab [women] by the p–ssy.’ He said tough debate questioning from journalist Megyn Kelly was because she had ‘blood coming out of her wherever.’ He denigrated his former aide, Omarosa Manigault Newman, a Black woman, as a ‘dog.’”

“Oh, and let’s not forget, he nominated three Supreme Court justices who voted to end abortion rights for American women,” he added.

Yes, Juan, and in case you missed it, GOP women were thrilled with the results of those appointments.

What is remarkable about the tone-deaf piece is that Williams seems to think women from either party should be more influenced by perceived slights than they are by real, pressing issues like inflation, immigration, education, crime, and rampant corruption from within our own government.

No actual issues were discussed in his entire editorial — only a shared hatred of Donald Trump.

And according to Williams, we should all be thrilled that a new PAC —  to be called “The Great Task” in an unbelievably arrogant “allusion to President Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address” — will be showering women like Cheney with money, so that she can go on “protecting democracy in the 21st century.”

“If the Party of Lincoln can be saved from becoming a ‘cult,’ to quote Cheney, it will be due to courageous women willing to shoulder the burden of history,” Williams gushed.

“Now is the time for all good Republican women to come to the aid of the party and their country,” he proclaimed. “Now is their time to stand with Liz.”

Okay, Juan, you asked the question.

Here’s your answer:



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