Judge orders COVID patient transferred to Texas for critical care after hospital tried to pull the plug

A 55-year-old Minnesota man is being transferred to an unnamed healthcare facility in Texas after Judge Jennifer Stanfield ruled that he is to be kept on a ventilator as he fights against COVID-19.

Scott Quiner was admitted to Mercy Hospital in Coon Rapids in November and has since shown few signs of improvement. Eventually, the hospital told the family that he would be disconnected from his ventilator on Thursday, which his wife Anne fought against in the courts. The family has previously alleged that the hospital would not use certain drugs to attempt to treat Quiner, and would also not be using “extraordinary measures” to save his life.

Anoka County court Judge Standfield ruled favorably for Quiner, and according to their attorney, Marjorie Holsten, he was not disconnected from his ventilator and was instead moved to a treatment facility in Texas where he is receiving care.

“It was mentioned on Monday, confirmed on Tuesday,” mentioned the attorney. “By Tuesday, they said, ok, Thursday at noon, we pull the plug. I don’t think the judge wanted to be on the wrong side of saying, ‘Of course, you should be able to pull the plug’ so the judge was correct doing that.”

According to Holsten, the Texas doctor was shocked at Quiner’s state, but indicated that all of his organs were functioning normally with the exception of his lungs.

“Scott is now in a hospital in Texas getting critical care. The doctor said Scott was the most undernourished patient he has ever seen. The last update I got was yesterday afternoon after some tests had been run; all organs are working except his lungs.”

According to FOX 9, since his transfer Quiner has shown some positive signs, including reportedly being weaned from the heavy sedatives he has been taking since the beginning of his treatment.

“I think the world is watching what is going on with Scott,” Holsten said to FOX 9 reporter Paul Blume. “And as he gets better and better, we are going to see that you know what, there are protocols that should be used that hospitals have not been using. And I am hoping that changes are going to be made as a result of this case.”

And indeed it would appear that the Quiners’ story had garnered public attention as their fundraising campaigns have raised over $100,000 as of this publishing.

Sierra Marlee


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