Kamala defends DEI because, of course she would

Vice President Kamala Harris gave a full-throated endorsement of the intentional discrimination against white Americans during a trip to Atlanta.

With President Biden reportedly hemorrhaging black voters, Harris traveled to Georgia on Monday for the first stop in her “Nationwide Economic Opportunity Tour,” an equity tour that will target black groups in several battleground states, according to the Washington Examiner

After attending a briefing at the Russell Innovation Center for Entrepreneurs, a nonprofit “business generator” assisting black business owners in Atlanta, Harris “took part in a moderated discussion in College Park on the administration’s ‘ongoing’ efforts to promote economic equity, the newspaper reported.

It was here that Harris rejected the deserved criticism of diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives.

“In spite of those who in certain parts of our country want to attack DEI, we understand that you can’t truly invest in the strength of our nation if you don’t pay attention to diversity, equity, and inclusion,” she stated. “Be proud of your ambition, have ambition, dream with ambition. Do not ever be burdened by other people’s limited ability to see what is possible. Don’t let that burden you.”

Christopher Rufo, a New College of Florida board member, has almost single-handedly led a national crusade to remove DEI programs and restore colorblind equality in public universities. He has argued that DEI programs “operate as divisive ideological commissariats, promulgating and enforcing Critical Race Theory and related political orthodoxies as official campus policy.”

In a model legislation he published with Manhattan Institute colleague Ilya Shapiro, Rufo further states that DEI offices “stifle intellectual diversity, prevent equal opportunity, and exclude anyone who dissents from a rigid orthodoxy.”

Here’s more from Rufo on the subject:

While in Atlanta, Harris highlighted Biden’s efforts to reduce barriers to purchasing homes, saying homeownership is the “most effective way to build intergenerational health,” the Examiner reported.

She cited the GI Bill after World War II granting access to home loans, claiming that the way it was implemented resulted in black veterans not receiving “an equal measure of these loans.”

Harris asked those in attendance to help the administration’s efforts to essentially buy votes by pushing its agenda on student loan and medical debt forgiveness.

“I guess that gets to the heart of this tour and everything else we’re doing,” she said. “Folks, in a lot of situations, just don’t know what’s available to them, and I need the help of the leaders who are here to get the word out so people know what is available to them.”

The vice president’s full remarks can be seen below:

Tom Tillison


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