Kim Jong Un ramps up rhetoric, threatens NK’s enemies with ‘deadly blow’ despite Biden’s appeasement attempts

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un has threatened his nation’s enemies with a “deadly blow,” even as President Joe Biden continues to try to appease him.

While visiting the Kim Jong Il University of Military and Politics on Wednesday, Kim delivered a speech reaffirming his goal of building the “world’s largest army” and warning his enemies that hell awaits them.

“[Kim] said that now is the time to be more thoroughly prepared for a war than ever before and that the DPRK should be more firmly and perfectly prepared for a war, which should be won without fail, not just for a possible war,” according to the Korean Central News Agency.

“Affirming that if the enemy opts for military confrontation with the DPRK, the DPRK will deal a deadly blow to the enemy without hesitation by mobilizing all means in its possession, he urged the academy to make greater successes in education so as to fill the different levels of the entire army with competent and versatile commanding officers,” the report continues.

Kim made the remarks the same day that President Biden reportedly appealed for him to accept a Japanese proposal for international talks.

“We welcome the opportunity of our allies to initiate dialogue with the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea,” he said, according to Fox News. “As I’ve said many times, we’re open to dialogue ourselves without preconditions with the DPRK.”

According to the Associated Press, Biden “has repeatedly expressed openness to talks with Kim since taking office in 2021, but has never received a response.”

Kim meanwhile has continued to act more and more aggressive, in stark contrast to how he’d acted when dealing with former President Donald Trump.

“In the past few weeks, Kim has been photographed personally leading tank, artillery and paratrooper drills—all described by state media as defensive measures against the U.S.-South Korea alliance,” Newsweek notes.

“Kim also has kept up a steady streak of ballistic missile tests, largely ignoring the long list of U.N. Security Council sanctions levied on his government in the past decade,” according to Newsweek.

His main beef, as noted above, is with the United States and South Korea, both of which have been conducting joint “war maneuvers” and holding military drills for a while now.

The latest actual confrontation occurred in January when North Korea conducted artillery drills near a disputed sea boundary with South Korea a day after conducting drills near the same boundary.

“The North’s back-to-back firing exercises come after North Korean leader Kim Jong Un repeatedly called for stronger war readiness to cope with what he called deepening confrontation led by the U.S,” as reported at the time by NPR.

“Experts say North Korea is likely to continue its provocative run of weapons tests to boost its leverage in potential future negotiations with Washington as the U.S. heads into November elections,” according to the left-wing outlet.

In a statement, South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff said North Korea fired over 60 rounds, urged its northern neighbor to stop the acts of aggression, and warned they’ll react “overwhelmingly” to any further provocations by the rogue regime.

The artillery drills came a day after North Korea conducted an original set of artillery drills, firing an estimated 200 shells into the disputed sea border. In response, the South Korean Defense Ministry fired 400 rounds after conducting several evacuations.

“Ahead of the South Korean drills, South Korean authorities asked residents on five major islands near the western sea boundary to evacuate to safe places due to worries that North Korea would fire back. The evacuation order was lifted a few hours later,” NPR noted.

“We gravely warn that the entire responsibility of such crisis-escalating situations lies with North Korea and strongly call for its immediate halt,” South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff spokesperson Col. Lee Sung-jun said at the time.

“Under close coordination between South Korea and the United States, our military is tracking and monitoring related activity, and will conduct corresponding measures to North Korea’s provocations,” he added.

Vivek Saxena


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