Show host refusing to use ‘they/them’ pronouns is everything: ‘I’m a very special, non-binary, trans person’

A British journalist delivered a refreshing dose of reality in a recent interview that sparked animated responses.

TalkTV host Julia Hartley-Brewer gave a no-nonsense pushback to journalist Shivani Dave who wrestled with her over the use of proper gender pronouns.

Hartley-Brewer’s X account describes her as a “Journalist, broadcaster, event host, speaker and a woman without a penis.” And her straight-shooting style won her praise on the social media platform as she tried to reason with her guest about whether it is “disrespectful” to use correct grammar when using pronouns.

The lengthy interview started with a bang as the non-binary journalist and comedian clarified the proper pronouns to use were “they/them.”

“Yeah…Thank you for telling me your pronouns,” Hartley-Brewer responded. “I use correct grammar…I’m not being rude. You can choose your pronouns. You can choose what you want to call yourself but you don’t get to require me to use incorrect grammar.”

And this unfolded in just the first 30 seconds of the interview.

“You’re not a plural. You’re one person. And you’re a female person so I will use she and her, thank you very much,” the host said.

“Do what you like, I guess,” Dave replied, working to keep a pleasant smile frozen on her face.

This set off Hartley-Brewer who pointed out that Dave did not need even to bring up the issue, prompting her guest to explain that it was for the benefit of viewers who “want to refer to me respectfully.”

“Is it disrespectful for me to use correct, factual grammar?” Hartley-Brewer asked.

“It’s not incorrect or un-factual grammar to use singular they/them pronouns with an individual,” Dave replied, before trying to pivot to the reason for the interview.

With a laugh, the host reminded Dave that “you chose to bring it up.”

“You chose to use the incorrect pronouns,” Dave countered as the two continued to spar over the language.

“I’m not a single woman, though. I’m a very special, non-binary, trans person,” the journalist said.

The TalkTV host got the last word on the topic by saying “respect works both ways” and that people have to respect those who “don’t want to tell lies or be dishonest with themselves.”

The exchange was a refreshing change for many on social media.

Frieda Powers


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