Kirstie Alley battles haters like a Twitter Ninja after opening vax status can of worms

Kirstie Alley was once again feeding the trolls on Twitter when they decided to come at her over her vaccination status, and not just the COVID jab.

It all started on Sunday when she tweeted about “tyrannical mandates” and learning who she would want beside her “in battle.”

This opened an entire can of worms about what vaccines Alley was willing to take, and what jabs she had received in the past. This is when the real fun began, as haters rushed to call her a “liar” as if they had her entire medical chart right in front of them.

“Sorry ..I have not.. and neither have my children. But thank you for being like our gov. and thinking you know more about me than I do,” Alley tweeted.

Not to be deterred, some users refused to believe her.

(** Graphic language warning)

Alley became irritated with random social media users declaring that they know more about her than even she does.

(** Graphic language warning)

She revealed everything she’s been jabbed for, and what she had as a child:

Here is a sampling of more of the responses she received:

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