Oh, it’s on! MacCallum dominates after NYC BLM activist tries to intimidate her: ‘You come from a place of white privilege!’

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A Fox News debate between host Martha MacCallum and a prominent Black Lives Matter extremist who runs the group’s New York chapter went off the rails Friday, with the extremist’s rhetoric growing more hyperbolic every time the network host uppercut him with another set of facts.

The debate centered specifically on New York City Mayor-elect Eric Adams, a black man who’d run on the promise of restoring the police’s presence in the crime-ridden city by reinstituting its anti-gun unit.

Adams was kind enough to meet privately with the extremist, Hawk Newsome, in early November to hear his grievances. Following the meeting, Newsome publicly threatened to lash out with “riots,” “fire” and “bloodshed” if the incoming new mayor goes through with his plan to restore the city’s police presence.

Adams eventually fired back during a speech this Thursday by vowing to not surrender to extremists like Newsome. MacCallum subsequently invited Newsome onto Fox News’ “The Story” the following day to hear his response.

Newsome began by accusing the mayor of “engaging in a political circus.” To hear him tell it, the two had “agreed upon” certain things during their November meeting, but Adams had then thrown their agreement aside by rushing to the media to trash-talk him. As a reminder, it was Newsome who’d started the trash-talking.

MacCallum responded by ignoring the apparent personal beef between the two men and playing a video of Adams vowing simply to do what he’d campaigned on doing — restoring the police’s anti-gun unit, albeit with certain reforms in place to prevent incidents of police brutality.

She then asked Newsome to explain his issue.

“So since that unit disbanded, we’ve seen homicides almost double in New York City. So he’s saying I want a safe city, and a lot of New Yorkers respond to that really positively. They want a safe city. They want to be able to go out in the streets. They don’t want people breaking the windows and stealing stuff. They want to see children be safe on the streets. What is wrong with anything that he just said?” she said.

This is when the fireworks began.

“Well, here’s the problem. The man does not have a plan. He’s about to be the …,” Newsome replied, only to be cut off by MacCallum.

“Yes he does have a plan. He’s going to put the anti-crime police unit back on the street,” she noted.

This prompted Newsome to demand that the host let him speak, to which she replied that she had the right to interject. She then let him continue.

“The things that he’s saying, precision policing, focusing on gangs, these are all things that de Blasio said. Crime isn’t just up in New York City. It’s up around the country, so what is he going to do that’s different other than talk?” Newsome continued.

MacCallum tried replying that Adams is rightly focused on the crime in NYC because he’s the incoming mayor of NYC, but this time she was cut off by Newsome.

This prompted her to say, “Let’s take turns here, OK? I let you answer. Let me ask you a new question and then I’m going to let you respond, OK?”

She then showed a recent news story about all the children who’ve been murdered “in the streets of New York, mostly in gang violence,” and noted that Adams’ plan to reinstitute the anti-gun unit could potentially save such lives.

“So I’m asking you, what is wrong with putting this unit back on the street if it keeps children of New York City and adults safer?” she then asked.

Newsome replied by citing the Fourth Amendment and claiming that the police themselves are responsible “for the most high profile deaths in the city.”

He wasn’t wrong, in that the media tend to only focus on the few people who are killed by the police (even when they’re killed justifiably), all while ignoring the countless number of men, women and children who are killed by street hoodlums.

Newsome then sought to impugn MacCallum’s skills as a journalist.

“He isn’t saying what he’s going to do differently. For your journalistic integrity, just ask the right question. What is his actual plan? He’s just talking and drumming up news stories so that we can get this back and forth going, between two black men and instead of talking about the things we agreed upon,”  he said.

He added that his own personal plan is to keep teaching “kids how to be safe every single day.”

MacCallum praised him for his volunteer work but argued that it doesn’t deflect from the community’s need for more policing.

“People need to be safe. … Absolutely do what you can to keep the kids safe, [but also] let the police officers go out and keep those same kids safe, because they’re dying at the hands of gangs,” she said.

The numbers back her on this. But instead of acknowledging the facts, Newsome, who apparently was out of comeback arguments, decided to drop the race card.

“But see, you don’t know what it’s like, you don’t know what it’s like to be pulled over and thrown up against walls. … You live from a place of white privilege,” he said.

MacCallum promptly fired back, “Come on, don’t throw that at me. You know what? I want this whole city of people of every background, faith, color to be safer.”

And again Newsome felt it necessary to point out that crime is up everywhere. While this is true, he’s only threatened “riots,” “fire” and “bloodshed” in NYC.

And again he also tooted his own horn, bragging about the “Black Salvation Army”-like work that he does across the country.

But the problem is that he doesn’t appear to be the right person for the job. The proof is in how he ended the interview.

“One last thing. Can I say one last thing? Free Larry Hoover!” he said.

Larry Hoover is a notorious Chicago gang leader who’s currently serving six life sentences for all the crimes, including murder, that he’d committed.

It’s not clear why a man who apparently looks up to notorious killers is being allowed to “help” children. It is now perfectly clear though why he’s so anti-police and seemingly pro-criminal …

Vivek Saxena


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