Leaders react after Mexico features Philly streets in new anti-drug ad; ‘shame of the nation’

Violent crime and drugs have supplanted Benjamin Franklin, Rocky Balboa and the Liberty Bell as symbols of Democrat-controlled Philadelphia and, in the ultimate backhanded tribute, the government of Mexico is featuring scenes from the “City of Brotherly Love” in a harrowing new ad warning of the dangers of drug abuse.

In the newly released ad, images of junkies and homeless people filmed in conditions of squalor in the city’s notorious Kensington area are shown in an effort to scare young people away from using drugs, particularly fentanyl, hardly an enticement for Mexican vacationers to want to take a trip to Philly.

According to the Daily Mail, Jesús Ramírez, the spokesman for Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, proudly presented the ad series Tuesday, saying the campaign ‘seeks to inform young people of the damage caused to health by the consumption of chemical drugs.'”

The ad has been drawing much attention to Pennsylvania’s largest city and the Democrats who have destroyed it, particularly far-left, George Soros-backed DA Larry Krasner whose lax approach to law enforcement has only emboldened criminals who have thrived under favorable operating conditions.

On Tuesday’s edition of “America’s Newsroom” on Fox News, anchor Dana Perino was joined by Philadelphia Inquirer columnist Jennifer Stefano to discuss the unflattering ad and to lay the blame at the feet of Krasner and Democrat Mayor Jim Kenney.

(Video: Fox News)

“It’s no lost irony on any of us who love and care about the city of Philadelphia that Mexico is an enormous part of the problem,” Stefano said of the ad. “They allow illegal drugs to flow through the border into the United States and do not protect their northern border, our southern border. [It’s] hugely problematic.”

“It is one of the most tragic things you’ll ever see,” Stefano said of the horrific conditions in Kensington. “This is an example of a couple of things, the failed war on drugs, but also the total and complete totalitarian hold of the Democratic Party on the city of Philadelphia for the last 60-plus years. And also a George Soros-funded district attorney, Larry Krasner, overseeing this. There has been no solutions, no answers, and more lives lost and devastation.”

Perino read a quote from Mayor Kenney expressing disappointment in his city’s portrayal on the Mexican video, saying that “there’s more work to do,” as she noted that there is going to be a vote to impeach Krasner and whether it’s realistic to expect that he will be ousted.

“I think it’s becoming more realistic although the Democrats just took control of the House in Pennsylvania. So I think it is going to come and stall. But I think there’s a legitimate case to be made, it has been a bipartisan vote to move that forward before so I think it is still possible,” Stefano said. “But it’s remarkable to me that Mayor Kenney suggests there is work to be done, they’ve been in charge.”

“Mayor Kenney’s been in office. Larry Krasner’s been in charge, they’ve been reelected, what are they waiting for?” What are they waiting to do to solve this?” Stefano asked. “This is the very fundamental issue. They promise and promise and never deliver and bow lives and devastation are being lost.”

“And by the way,” she continued, “there are many good people living in Kensington that have to deal with this every day. People lying on their stoops, children walking to school through the drugs and the carnage of this. It is the shame of the nation that this is happening.”

“If you live in the city, your lives are worsening. The crime is worse, the murders are worse, and there’s no safe neighborhood,” she concluded. “There’s no good neighborhood. Everywhere is vulnerable.”

(Video: The Daily Mail)

“The opioid and overdose crisis in Philadelphia is part of a national and even international epidemic, and we agree it is important for everyone to understand, as this video notes, that all street drugs now present an elevated risk of overdose because of fentanyl’s extreme prevalence,” a spokesperson for Mayor Kenney was quoted by the Philadelphia Inquirer.

“Having said that, it is always hard to see our city’s people and neighborhoods portrayed in a limited and negative light. No neighborhood, and no person, should be defined by this tragic and widespread crisis,” the spokesperson said.

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