Ivanka Trump is out: Fmr. first daughter says she’s not getting involved in dad’s race or politics

Former President Donald Trump’s eldest daughter, Ivanka, sent shockwaves through the political realm Tuesday by releasing a statement announcing that she will not be participating in her father’s second bid for the presidency.

“I love my father very much. This time around, I am choosing to prioritize my young children and the private life we are creating as a family. I do not plan to be involved in politics,” she said in a statement released around 10:00 pm.

“While I will always love and support my father, going forward I will do so outside the political arena. I am grateful to have had the honor of serving the American people and I will always be proud of many of our Administration’s accomplishments,” she added.

The statement was released shortly after her father announced his candidacy for office. Ivanka reportedly didn’t attend the announcement rally, but her husband, former senior Trump administration advisor Jared Kushner, did.

The president eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., was also not in attendance, albeit for reasons beyond his control.

“Don Jr was hunting out west and unable to catch a flight due to weather per a source,” according to ABC News’ John Santucci.

Ivanka’s decision comes despite a concerted effort by her father to convince her to participate in his campaign just as she’d done so six years earlier.

“Trump spent part of daughter Tiffany’s lavish Mar-a-Lago wedding this past weekend trying to convince his much-loved elder daughter, Ivanka, and son-in-law Jared Kushner to be with him on stage when he announces his third consecutive run for the presidency at the Palm Beach resort Tuesday night,” the New York Post reported Monday, citing insider sources.

“Trump thought he could convince Ivanka this weekend to come back and campaign for him as she was the most requested speaker after the president himself last time around … but so far she’s resisting his entreaties and holding firm, as is Jared,” one of the sources said.

“They both feel they got burned in Washington and don’t want to go back and expose themselves and their children to another bitter campaign,” the source added.

It’s not entirely clear why Kushner wound up showing up anyway, though this reportedly doesn’t mean he’s changed his mind and will be participating in his father-in-law’s reelection campaign.

“Jared does not intend to join the campaign and get back involved,” another unnamed source told CNN.

“The [source] maintains Kushner has a good relationship with his father-in-law and that he ‘makes an effort to be with (Trump),’ but said he would do little more than offer the occasional piece of advice should Trump run again,” according to CNN.

“I’m sure [Jared will] be tested in numerous different ways, he’s his father-in-law, but that said, it would be a far cry from helping in the way he helped before,” the source said.

So who’ll replace Ivanka and Jared, both of whom had served as senior advisors? Not Trump Jr., that’s for sure. While he intends to participate in his father’s reelection campaign and take a part in any future administration, he reportedly doesn’t want to emulate the couple.

“He does not want the Jared behind-the-scenes role. … He’s not going to be the shadow campaign manager or anything,” a source said to CNN, adding that he has five children and a publishing company to take care of on the side.

Neither are Eric Trump and his wife, Lara Trump, nor the president’s wife, Melania, expected to hold any significant roles in the administration, despite all three being in attendance at Tuesday’s rally.

“I happen to have some children in the front row – Stand up, Eric! I think he got more subpoenas than any man in the history of our country. So unfair. Al Capone got far less. Billy the Kid got almost none. Jesse James, no. Eric Trump… he’s a PhD in subpoenas. I appreciate the job you do, and the abuse you’ve taken, I really do,” the president said at one point during the rally.

“And it hasn’t been a joy ride for our great first lady, either. It hasn’t been a joy ride,” he said. “Stand up! I go home, and she says, ‘you look angry and upset’. I said, ‘just leave me alone!’ Hasn’t been the easiest thing, but she’s been a great first lady, and people love her,” he added.

Watch the full announcement  below:

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