Lib author admits ‘conspiracy to deny the presidency to Trump,’ says censoring Hunter’s laptop ‘warranted’

Over time, self-indulgent liberals will generally expose their true values and tell you what they really believe, mistaking their righteous arrogance as accepted wisdom.

Look no further than author and neuroscientist Sam Harris, who declared there was “a conspiracy to deny the presidency to Donald Trump” in 2020, and that he essentially “supported censoring the Hunter Biden laptop story because it helped [Joe] Biden,” as One America News Network host Jack Posobiec interpreted his views.

“At that point, Hunter Biden literally could have had the corpses of children in his basement, I would not have cared,” Harris said during an interview on the Triggernometry podcast.

The zealot reinforced that by saying no matter how corrupt President Biden may be, it doesn’t trump his hatred for Trump.

“Whatever the scope of what Joe Biden’s corruption is – we can just go down that rabbit hole endlessly and understand that he’s getting kickbacks from Hunter Biden’s deals in Ukraine or wherever else, or China – it is infinitesimal compared to the corruption we know Trump is involved in. It’s like a firefly to the sun,” Harris said.

Harris proceeded to compare a potentially corrupt commander in chief of the United States of America, the most powerful seat on the planet, to Trump University.

“It doesn’t even stack up against Trump University,” he continued. “Trump University, as a story, is worse than anything that could be in Hunter Biden’s laptop in my view.”

Trigger Pod hosts Konstantin Kisin and Francis Foster sat there staring at Harris like fanboys, not daring to challenge such an inane comparison — which only emboldened their guest to open up more.

Citing social media platforms refusing to disseminate the bombshell New York Post story on the laptop in the days leading up to the 2020 election, Harris said that “absolutely” this was “a left-wing conspiracy to deny the presidency to Donald Trump” and even condoned it, saying it was “warranted.”

Kisin did challenge him here, asking Harris if he was content with such a left-wing conspiracy “to prevent somebody being democratically re-elected as president?”

After Harris comically cited Liz Cheney to insist it’s “not left-wing” — after emphatically saying it was — Kisin pressed on the conspiracy angle.

“It doesn’t matter what part’s conspiracy, what part’s out in the open,” Harris replied. “If people get together and talk about what should we do about this phenomenon — if there was an asteroid hurtling toward Earth and we got in a room together with all of our friends and had a conversation about what we could do to reflect its course, is that a conspiracy?”

“We’re gonna get four more years of Trump if we actually give this a fair hearing,” he openly admitted, again speaking of the laptop.

The pushback was intense and Harris seemed to realize he may have been a little too honest, as he tried to salvage what credibility he must think he has, saying that he was “essentially arguing for a principle of self-defense,” based on the concept that Trump is allegedly “a very dangerous person.”

He tweeted, presumably with a straight face, “On the podcast, I was speaking narrowly about the wisdom and propriety of ignoring the Hunter Biden laptop story until after the election. I’ve always thought that this was a very hard call, ethically and journalistically.”

As for the pushback, take a gander…


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