‘Lies lies lies’: Hakeem Jeffries pledges black voters will rally to save Biden’s bacon

Polls, schmolls.

House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries (D-N.Y.) isn’t worried about polls.

So they show President Biden’s approval numbers among black voters have dropped since 2020 — 14% down, according to a CBS News poll cited by The Hill.

Jeffries is convinced black voters will eventually “understand” that Biden has “delivered” on the things he thinks they should care about.

After all, the president is taking his direction from Barack Obama.

“Whether that’s the lowest rate of black unemployment in decades, whether that’s historic investment in historically black colleges and universities, making sure that he has been supportive incredibly of small business creation and entrepreneurship in the black community, building upon the efforts that had been previously done by President Barack Obama,” Jeffries told CBS’s Margaret Brennan on Sunday’s edition of “Face the Nation.”

Besides, he reasoned, “The polling has been all over the place.”

“But I’m confident that at the end of the day in November,” Jeffries said, “the overwhelming majority of African Americans, Caribbean Americans, black voters throughout the country will support President Biden and understand that he has delivered over and over and over again on issues of concern.”

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Asked why Biden is failing to inspire “enthusiasm” among Democratic voters, Jeffries pointed to his district in Brooklyn, N.Y.

“I’ve traveled throughout the country and spent time of course in the district that I represent here in Brooklyn, and there is a high degree of enthusiasm for President Joe Biden, and it is growing,” he insisted.


New York.

Where the state encouraged blacks to get into the weed business in the name of “reparations.”

But we digress…

Jeffries wanted voters to know that Biden’s State of the Union wasn’t the hate-fueled rant many thought it was, it was actually “incredible,” and the president definitely wasn’t the slurring, anger-spewing old man we all saw.

“He was strong, he was serious, and he was substantive,” Jeffries stated. “And he drew a clear contrast between his vision of moving America forward in an enlightened way that’s inclusive of everyone.”


Because, according to Brennan, “we heard a bit of that vision in the State of the Union address but we don’t often hear from the President on many of these things.”

Well, at least Biden was nothing like those “extreme MAGA Republicans.”

“And the contrast with the extreme MAGA Republicans who want to turn back the clock,” Jeffries gushed. “Turn back the clock on reproductive freedom, turn back the clock on voting rights, turn back the clock by ending Social Security and Medicare, as we know it–”

It was too much, even for Brennan.

“They would say they don’t –” she interjected.

“President Joe Biden on the right side of those issues,” Jeffries declared.

“–plan to do that,” the host managed to say.

On X, few are matching Jeffries’ confidence.

“Lies lies lies garbage,” stated one user.

“I remember my first beer,” quipped another.

And one user issued an official “Gaslight Alert.”

“It doesn’t matter what Hakeem says,” wrote one user, “what matters is what we are seeing across all of the different rallies and all of the different polls on how President Trump is becoming more popular in the black and Hispanic communities.”

Melissa Fine


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