‘California’s most insane bill?’ Dem seeks to provide ‘free’ legal assistance to violent felons in US illegally

The introduction of a bill that would benefit illegal aliens who are violent felons begged the question: “California’s most insane bill yet?”

In the era of omnibus spending packages, taxpayers have been routinely fleeced to cover costs beyond the purview of the government. Now, a Golden State lawmaker is attempting to expand a grant program so that foreign nationals convicted of a felony could have legal services covered by the citizens of California.

Introduced by Assemblyman Reggie Jones-Sawyer, an outspoken member of the state’s reparations task force, Assembly Bill 2031, also called the Representation, Equity, and Protections (REP) for All Immigrants Act, is aimed at amending the One California Immigration Services Funding program introduced in 2015.

As X account End Wokeness described, “The bill seeks to grant illegals convicted of SERIOUS and [VIOLENT] crimes with legal assistance, such as helping them avoid deportation services will be paid by taxpayers.”

A highlighted portion of the bill read, “Existing law prohibits use of the grant funds to provide legal services to an individual who has been convicted of, or who is currently appealing a conviction for, a violent or serious felony. This bill would removed the prohibition on the use of funds for those individuals,” prompting the question, “California’s most insane bill yet?”

Jones-Sawyer’s bill comes as taxpayer-funded non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are increasingly being exposed for facilitating the border crisis. In one example, Fox News’ Rachel Campos-Duffy drew attention to a building in Tucson, Arizona where illegal aliens were being housed in affiliation with the organization Catholic Charities and workers refused to answer questions, resorting to throwing “rocks at our vehicle & nearly [hitting] our cameraman with a brick,” she had said.

Other reports found that NGOs were handing out prepaid debit cards with hundreds of dollars on them for illegal aliens to use at their discretion.

Meanwhile, the assemblyman has routinely introduced racially motivated legislation, including a proposal last year that sought to have judges consider the race of convicted criminals when issuing sentences. “This bill would state the intent of the Legislature to rectify racial bias, as specified. The bill would require courts, whenever they have discretion to determine a sentence, to consider the disparate impact on historically disenfranchised and system-impacted populations.”

Jones-Sawyer’s Republican colleague Assemblywoman Kate Sanchez blasted their state’s Democratic legislators as she said, “BAD BILL ALERT: CA Dems are pushing a bill for illegal immigrants convicted of violent felonies to receive taxpayer-funded legal aid & avoid deportation! AB 2031 is completely UNACCEPTABLE. Why do they want to prioritize immigrant rapists & murderers over everyone else??”

As she implored constituents to contact their representatives over the bill being heard in committee Tuesday, others joined her in sounding off on the latest effort to harm law-abiding citizens to the benefit of criminals.

Kevin Haggerty


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