‘Little fruit loop’ feels unsafe seeing American flags in America

A confused young man who posted a video of himself to TikTok complaining that seeing American flags in America makes him feel unsafe was ridiculed after the footage went viral with X users cordially offering up a simple solution to his problem by suggesting that he could relocate.

In the resurfaced clip that was originally posted to the Chinese-owned platform in 2020 during the George Floyd “summer of love” but drew millions of views after being shared by the popular Libs of TikTok account on Sunday, the youngster describes his unease at seeing the stars and stripes flying from so many houses in the suburbs after he moved from San Francisco.

“So I just moved to the suburbs from San Francisco,” he began. “What really makes me feel unsafe here is the vast amount of American flags I see.”

“Like I walked around like a three, four, five block radius… and I saw so many American flags and that makes me feel so unsafe … like I’m afraid for people here,” added the youngster who had a COVID mask strung around his neck.

The video drew a lively response on X, formerly known as Twitter, with suggestions that the “little fruit loop” should take his wounded feelings elsewhere if he feels so strongly about this country’s flag.

Reacting to the attention that the Libs of TikTok video received, the flag-hating young man doubled down in an f-bomb-riddled video that he posted to TikTok.

“My views on the flag has not changed. If anything I have gotten more radical and hate it even more. This nation was found[ed] on white supremacy. Um. F**king Declaration of Independence written right there. Uh. Well. Men. Um. Believe. Uh. We should be able to be governed but of course, [they] didn’t mean black people. Slavery. Still right there,” he said.

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Chris Donaldson


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