Liz Cheney urges Nikki Haley to hold on until at least Super Tuesday

In probably the least surprising news of the week, Liz Cheney is throwing her support behind Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley, urging her to resist calls to drop out of the race until at least Super Tuesday, a common theme among the Never Trump resistance.

The disgraced former congresswoman and January 6 committee attack dog made her remarks during an appearance on the latest edition of the left-wing “Pod Save America” podcast that came out on Friday.

“I hope she stays in the race,” the malicious actor said. “As long as she has to, certainly through Super Tuesday. I think that we’re in a situation where only two states have voted and you had something like 35 percent, I believe, of Republicans coming out of the voting in New Hampshire saying they would never vote for Donald Trump.”

However, Cheney came up short of formally endorsing Haley, perhaps still mulling whether she’ll get in the race herself if things break right for her.

“I haven’t made any formal endorsements at this point but certainly I would never support or vote for Donald Trump again,” she added.

Cheney’s not the only one looking to string out the primaries in what is a transparent hope that something happens to Trump that leaves “Neocon Nikki” as the presumptive GOP nominee. On Friday’s edition of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” co-host Mika Brzezinski expressed a similar sentiment.

“Think of it. Nikki Haley lurking through the primaries just waiting for a shoe to drop,” Mrs. Scarborough said, practically drooling. “Maybe Trump loses a case or simply loses his mind thinking about spending the rest of his life in jail.”

“If I were Nikki, I’d hang on too,” she declared.

Then there is Haley’s de facto campaign manager, Republican Governor Chris Sununu of New Hampshire who fell short of being able to work his open primary magic in his home state but sees much hope for the deeply unpopular candidate with Democrats.

“In South Carolina, if you’re a Democrat, you can just walk in the door and vote. So there is a lot of opportunity there,” Sununu said during an interview on “The Pulse of New Hampshire” radio show this week, seeming to welcome the interference of the opposition party in next month’s Palmetto State primary.

“If she can remain competitive, there’s an argument for Ms. Haley to stay in the race through the July convention. Mr. Trump faces a treacherous legal road, and one of the cases against him could go to trial. If he’s convicted of a felony, 42% of voters in New Hampshire and nearly a third of Iowa’s GOP caucus-goers said Mr. Trump would be unfit for the Presidency,” the Wall Street Journal Editorial Board wrote this week.

“The political odds still favor a Joe Biden-Trump rematch, but strange things can happen with candidates who are this old and this disliked by a majority of the public,” the paper said.

It’s almost like they all know something that nobody else does.

Chris Donaldson


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