Maher on big breasted trans teacher: We’re ‘pretending’ that ‘we just have to go along with anything’

Speaking about the rise of a “victimhood culture” in today’s world and how we can rise above it on Friday’s episode of HBO’s “Real Time,” Bill Maher addressed the transgender teacher in Ontario, who has sparked a social media storm for the giant prosthetic breasts — complete with enormous erect nipples — that she insists on wearing while teaching high school students.

“A good first step would be to do something about this shop teacher in Canada with the giant tits,” Maher stated bluntly.

As American Wire reported, Kayla Lemieux began identifying as a woman last year, and, with the support of Oakville Trafalgar High School, started showing up to teach shop in short-shorts, a blonde wig, and fake boobs that have been described as “fetishistic.”

Video of Lemieux in class quickly went viral, and once Twitter users wrapped their brains around the fact that this wasn’t Babylon Bee-level satire, they demanded some answers.

The school responded in an email to parents that was promptly leaked.

“We strive to promote a positive learning environment in schools consistent with the values of the HDSB and to ensure a safe and inclusive environment for all students, staff and the community, regardless of race, age, ability, sex, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion, cultural observance, socioeconomic circumstances or body type/size,” the school told parents in defense of Lemieux’s attire.

And that’s when the social media storm became a tsunami of angry posts directed at Ontario’s Minister of Education and the province’s Premier Doug Ford.

“As the Ontario Minister of Education @Sflecce it is your duty to protect Ontario students from being exposed to this teacher’s vulgar sexual fetish,” one user wrote. “This man must be removed from the classroom and steps must be taken to prevent this from ever happening again @fordnation.”

“They completely stood by her, the school district, talking about equitable treatment without discrimination,” Maher stated. “Yes, we’re all for that. Without — based not upon gender, yes, identity expression, we’re all for that. … But the giant tits are scaring the children.”

“I mean, come on,” he exclaimed, “can you just do anything?”

“What if she came in with a giant c*ck?” he later asked. “What if it was the reverse?”

Maher balked at the notion that we’re all supposed to act like this is normal.

“This woman obviously needs help,” he said. “Did you see that picture? This is a person who needs help and we’re always — we’re pretending…that we just have to go along with anything.”

“What if I did this show with a pile of dog sh*t on my head?” he asked. “And you’d all just be like, well, that’s — Bill wears dog sh*t on his head, now?”

Up in Ontario, however, parents are clearly done with “pretending.”

According to reporter Andy Ngo, “A large crowd has gathered outside Oakville Trafalgar High School in Ontario to protest the trans teacher who wears the extra large breasts costume.”

Melissa Fine


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