Man shares Google Assistant refusing to state how many Jews were killed during Holocaust

Concerns are once again being raised about Google’s enormously left-wing bias, especially as it pertains to the Jewish people.

The latest concerns are being driven by a now-viral Instagram video of a man with a Google Nest assistant asking it basic, easily answerable questions about the Jewish people.

Some of the questions asked in the video included the following:

  • “How many Jews were killed during World War II?”
  • “Who did Adolf Hitler try to kill?”
  • “How many Jews were killed in the concentration camps?”
  • “How many Jews were killed in the Holocaust? What was the Holocaust?”

To every single question, Google Nest replied, “Sorry, I don’t understand.”

But when the man asked Google Nest for a description of “The Nakba,” an event during which the Palestinian people were relocated so that Israel could be created, then Google had an answer — a disturbing one.

“According to Wikpedia, ‘The Nakba’ was the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians in mandatory Palestine during the 1948 Palestine War through their violent displacement and dispossession of land, property, and belonging, along with the destruction of their society, culture identity, political rights, and national aspirations,” Google Nest replied.

Below is another man, Jared R., repeating the same experiment:

Tim Urban, described by the New York Post as “a notable author and blogger,” also successfully repeated the experiment.

“Google is where we go to answer our questions and you just really want to feel like you can trust those answers and the company behind them,” he told the Post. “And moments like these break that trust and make you feel like Google’s supposed core value — truth — has been co-opted by politics.”

“This is deeply concerning,” venture capitalist Tal Morgenstern added in a tweet. “Very soon, there will be no living holocaust survivors. Their stories will be silenced by hard coded filters. History is written by victors (then edited by opinionated machines).”

“In the past, we’ve had Holocaust denial by ignoramuses and racists,” Foundation for Defense of Democracy founder Clifford D. May likewise tweeted. “Now, we have Holocaust denial by artificial intelligence.”

See more responses to this craziness below:

A Google spokesperson downplayed all this to the Post, saying Google Nest’s responses were “not intended” and that the outrageous answers are only happening “in some instances and on certain devices.”

“We’ve taken immediate action to fix this bug,” the spokesperson added.

Yet this isn’t the only example of anti-Jewish bias at Google. The company’s AI chat bot, Google Gemini, has also habitually displayed an anti-Jewish bias.

Below are a few examples:

Vivek Saxena


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