Mother of ‘sicko’ NYC rape suspect takes credit for turning him in: ‘I facilitated him being arrested’

A New York City thug who was caught on video using a belt as a lasso to drag a woman away before he brutally raped her was brought to justice with the help of his own mother who said that she “facilitated” the arrest.

The shocking video that went viral on social media captured the moment that 39-year-old Kashaan Parks snared his victim, a 45-year-old woman whom he dragged off between two parked cars before having his way with her in the May 1 incident.

On Saturday, Parks was arrested on multiple charges including “first-degree rape, assault, strangulation, sex abuse, public lewdness and harassment,” according to the New York Post which talked with his mom, Beverly Parks.

(Video: YouTube/Pix 11)

“I’m his mother that turned him in. I’m the one that facilitated him being arrested,” the 56-year-old Parks told the outlet.

She said that her son’s wife called her early Friday morning and informed her that he had choked and raped the woman, the Post reported.

“I found out about this yesterday morning at 5:12 am, and I’ve been trying to get my son to do the right thing ever since. And I did,” she said.

According to his mother, the alleged rapist who is unemployed with two kids has been struggling with drinking and drug issues in recent weeks, since learning his father died last month in a hospital in Belize,” the outlet reported.

“He … had a one-year-old baby. It’s not like he was walking the street committing crimes and doing this,” Parks said.“I had my son go be accountable for his actions, no matter that he was drunk, that he was on drugs, that he was grieving.”

“He did something wrong and he has to deal with it. Period,” she said.

The horrific video of the “lasso” attack captured the true essence of New York City in all of its crime-ridden glory because like Gotham’s Democrat Mayor Eric Adams proudly boasted back in 2022: “We have a brand. New York has a brand and when people see it, it means something.”

Beverly Parks said that her son, his wife and young daughter were living in North Carolina where they stayed with his wife’s parents before recently moving back to Gotham.

“I said [to Kashaan], ‘I wish I had left you down there and never made that trip,” she told the Post. “He just came back from New York. That’s why this was such a shock.”

“I’m a woman, and I am sorry that this happened to this person. I have to open and close my eyes every day, and ask God to make sure this person is okay and for forgiveness for my son,” she said. “Whatever she has to live with, I am going to have to think about that for the rest of my life.”

“Kashaan Parks has two prior public arrests, including for allegedly assaulting a 46-year-old woman in the Bronx and entering the back of an MTA bus without paying, according to police,” the Post reported.

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