Man sneaks up behind woman at Miami bus stop, strangles her with shoelace before bystander steps in

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A Florida woman nearly lost her life when a deranged man who’d been standing behind her at a bus stop suddenly tried to strangle her to death with a shoe lace.

She survived in part thanks to a bystander who’d rushed to her aid upon seeing what was happening and put the suspect in a headlock.

According to Miami-Dade Police Department public information officer Angel Rodriguez, she may very well have died that day if not for the bystander.

“Had it not been for a good Samaritan that stepped in that basically stopped this individual from attacking this victim, the outcome would have been way worse,” he said to local NBC affiliate WTVJ.

But she also survived thanks in part to her own quick thinking. More on this later.

The attack happened around 11:00 am last Sunday and was captured on surveillance camera.


The footage shows the victim, a 26-year-old woman, sitting on a bus stop bench as the man stands behind the bench fiddling with his shoelaces while suspiciously looking to the left and right like he trying to check whether anybody is watching.

About 10 seconds in, he walks over to the woman from behind and then quickly raises the shoelace over her head and wraps it around her neck, causing a struggle to ensue.

He pushes her into the bench and continues to try to strangle her, but she fights back and manages to turn around and force him somewhat off of her.

This apparently angers him, because he begins decking her with punches as she falls to the ground. This continues for about 10 more seconds until a man in a bright blue shirt and shoes cautiously walks up with his hands held up.

The suspect stops pummeling the woman for a few seconds but then quickly returns to decking her as the bystander slowly and cautiously creeps forward.

The bystander eventually gets behind the suspect, at which time he grabs the suspect from behind, causing a scuffle to ensue between the two.

The footage then cuts out.

In a statement to local ABC affiliate WPLG, former police officer turned martial arts instructor Freddy Trillo praised the victim for doing all the right things.

“You can’t grab a shoelace, but she sat back. That caused the guy to go to the side, which now she’s able to start using her hands. She was using her legs to keep the distance management. Keep him at bay long enough for a civilian to come up and help stop it,” he said.

The suspect was later identified as a homeless man named Aaron K. Quinones. As of Sunday, he was being held on an attempted murder charge with bail set at $250,000, meaning that unlike the criminals in blue states, he likely won’t be getting out anytime soon.

However, it could still happen thanks to the left-wing radicals at The Bail Project.

In August, the Associated Press reported that the project, which had been “successful” in the crime-ridden hellhole that is New York City, was aiming its sights southward.

“‘Bail Out the South’ is the next phase of The Bail Project’s plans to secure freedom for thousands of people over the next few years, organizers [said],” according to the left-wing establishment media outlet.

“Although larger criminal legal systems throughout the country have begun doing away with cash bail for certain low-level, nonviolent offenses, the South continues to have the highest jail incarceration rates and the starkest racial disparities among those imprisoned pretrial.”

Quinones is himself a minority, making him the perfect target for the left-wing group.

“When I think about our work around social justice and racial justice, you simply can’t talk about those issues without dealing with what’s happening in the South,” project CEO Robin Steinberg told the AP.

Notice the use of far-left buzzwords like “social justice.”

As reported by Fox News host Tucker Carlson back in 2020, The Bail Project is the same group responsible for the release of Samuel Lee Scott, a wife-beater who, upon his release, became a killer.

“According to the police, he used the newfound freedom to beat his wife to death. He promised he was going to do that when he went to jail the first time and he apparently made good on it, thanks to the Bail Project,” Carlson noted at the time.

That year the far-left “project” also bailed out a large number of violent Black Lives Matter rioters.

“The Bail Project sends money to rioters and other violent criminals to help get them back on the streets as quickly as possible. The Bail Project as much as any other group is funding the violence we’ve been watching for the past few months,” according to Carlson.

“Two nights ago, an organizer for the bail project was arrested by police in Louisville for rioting. Another Bail Project employee, a woman called Holly Zoller was caught renting a U-Haul truck to bring riot supplies into the City of Louisville. We showed you that video. So The Bail Project is funding the riots that are destroying our cities.”

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