Beverly Hills unanimously votes to boot ‘progressive’ district attorney as crime hits home

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It appears the wealthy, left-wing residents of Beverly Hill have finally turned against the community’s “progressive” district attorney now that one of their own has been murdered because of his lax-on-crime policies.

On Tuesday, the Beverly Hills City Council voted unanimously, 5-0, to join an ongoing recall effort aimed at Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascón.

“In a 5-0 vote on Tuesday evening, the Beverly Hills City Council unanimously adopted a resolution in support of the recall of Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascón. Mayor Bob Wunderlich and Vice Mayor Lili Bosse requested that the item be brought forward for consideration,” the council announced in a press release.

“Over the last 12 months, Los Angeles County has seen a dramatic increase in widespread crime including follow-home robberies, smash-and-grab incidents and the tragic death of beloved Beverly Hills philanthropist Jacqueline Avant. Mr. Gascón has also issued numerous Special Directives that are of great concern to the City.”

Notice the name included in the release: Jacqueline Avant.

Avant, a favorite among the Hollywood elite due to her marriage to award-winning film producer Clarence Avant, was murdered during a home invasion last month in Beverly Hills.

The murder was committed by a longtime criminal who’d been on parole at the time and who Los Angeles Police Department Det. Jamie McBride has said should have still been behind bars.

“It’s a s–t show over here. Bad guys are released quicker than we can finish the paperwork, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg,” he said last month to the New York Post.

“With this guy’s history, with prison priors, he absolutely should still be in jail,” said McBride. “He should have gotten a longer sentence. For his rap sheet and the violent crimes he’s been involved in, he should never have been offered a plea bargain.”

The council’s stunning, unprecedented vote Tuesday came a week after Beverly Hills Vice Mayor Lili Bosse, a Democrat, signed the recall petition as well.

“Bosse stressed that without consequences for crime, we have Gotham City. Her sentiments were shared by others on the council as well,” Karen Roseberry, a spokesperson for the official Recall Gascón Now movement, said in a statement to the Washington Examiner.

Backed by billionaire left-wing radical George Soros, Gascón assumed office on Dec. 7th, 2020, and has since day one prioritized cutting criminals break after break after break.

Right after being inaugurated last year, he announced that his office wouldn’t seek the death penalty in any cases, that accused suspects with misdemeanors and “non-violent, non-serious” felonies would be released on their own recognizance and that those accused of serious and violent crime would have no bail requirements.

His policies have been a boon for all criminals, including convicted murderers like Phillip Dorsett. Despite being sentenced to 40 years in prison in 2005 for killing a rival gang member, he was approved by Gascón earlier this year for early release.

He was subsequently seen in a viral jailhouse video clip celebrating his early release courtesy what he described as the “Gascón directive.”

The DA has denied that his policies have turned the area into a gangster’s paradise, but a growing number of locals clearly disagree. Tabby Refael is one of them.

“Between his zero-bail policy, his office’s refusal to prosecute certain crimes and reduced sentences on crimes related to hate, guns and gangs, he has enraged many families of victims, judges and members of law enforcement,” she wrote recently for The Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles.

“It’s no wonder there’s another recall effort to remove Gascón from office, spearheaded by families of crime victims.”

In addition to being a local resident, she’s also someone whose family has been victimized — twice. In early June, her father’s van went missing.

“Through the generosity of friends, my father was able to secure a second [used] van. Two weeks after his first van was stolen, he stepped outside and found the second one gone. That was one of the most stressful days of his life (and mine),” she noted in the Jewish Journal.

Even worse, she added, was the response from the type of “progressives” who still support the DA.

“You know one of the worst things about having your van stolen not once, but twice, within a matter of weeks? Well-intentioned, overly progressive people who hear your terrible story, but who try to explain that your vehicle was stolen, gutted, and abandoned because folks out there are simply ‘desperate,'” she explained.

“Where I come from (Iran), a desperate person steals a loaf of bread for his family, not a catalytic converter containing scraps of platinum. I imagine anyone who blames ‘desperate’ thieves also voted for Gascón.”

And will vote for him again if and when there’s ever a recall vote.

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