Maria Bartiromo locks horns with Nancy Mace over her take on ‘liar’ Kevin McCarthy

Fox Business anchor Maria Bartiromo called out Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) for insisting that Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) is “disgraced” for lying “over and over again” as former speaker of the House.

The clash came during a Wednesday morning interview on “Mornings with Maria.” Bartiromo was looking for Mace’s reaction to Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) attempting to have Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) removed over the passage of the $1.2 trillion spending bill. Greene brought a motion to vacate against Johnson but it appears to be going nowhere.

Greene is incensed over what she perceives as Johnson’s support of military and financial aid to Ukraine. She is staunchly against that and instead is demanding our borders be secured. A number of Democrats are claiming that they would throw their support behind Johnson if a vote to vacate is held.

Mace made it very clear she had no interest in removing Johnson as the speaker of the House. However, she just couldn’t resist a dig at McCarthy calling him a “disgraced former speaker.” She was one of eight Republicans who gave him the boot resulting in Johnson taking over.

(Video Credit: Fox News)

“I don’t support the motion to vacate the chair. In fact, the motion that was filed wasn’t privileged. And so we’re actually not even going to vote on it. And so, you know, Mike Johnson was dealt a bad hand. The former speaker, disgraced former speaker…” Mace began before Bartiromo voiced disagreement with her smearing McCarthy.

“Kevin McCarthy is not disgraced,” the Fox Business anchor asserted.

Then the two got into it over the former speaker of the House.

“I consider him disgraced. Absolutely,” Mace adamantly contended.

“Why?” Bartiromo asked.

At that juncture, Mace bluntly called McCarthy a liar.

“Because he wouldn’t tell the truth to the party, to the conference. He lied over and over again,” she claimed.

“Come on, that’s not provable that he lied. Are you going to vote to send money to Ukraine?” Bartiromo asked Mace, voicing her disdain for the congresswoman’s attack on McCarthy.

Mace then felt compelled to defend her attack on McCarthy by further attempting to besmirch him. It became apparent it was personal.

Kevin McCarthy recruited a puppet to run against me and my Republican primary. You go to He recruited somebody that can’t win a general election in a purple district. Yes. He’s a disgraced former speaker. When it comes to Ukraine funding will be voting on supplemental aid it sounds like next week when we go back to DC,” Mace answered.

“Don’t you think you all should stick together? In some ways, you are hanging on by a thread in the majority. When are you actually going to unite as a party and get things done?” Bartiromo asked, visibly losing her patience with Mace.

“Right, I agree, which is why Kevin McCarthy shouldn’t go after fellow Republicans that can win in general elections in purple seats. You can go to NancyMace.Org and learn more about our campaign,” Mace answered continuing her attack on McCarthy and not actually answering the question.

“He’s not even there yet and you’re still blaming Kevin McCarthy!” Bartiromo shot back before ending the segment.

As for Greene, she’s not budging on trying to get Johnson to vacate his speakership. Previously she slammed him on X calling the Republican majority a “complete failure.”

“Our Republican majority is a complete failure. We have the power of the purse, which means we can control what the entire government does. Tomorrow Speaker Johnson is funding the government that has created this invasion. I’m voting NO! SHUT IT DOWN!” she posted to X before the vote to keep on funding Biden’s leftist government took place.


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