Illegal aliens reportedly takeover high school tennis courts after being booted from nearby hotel

Illegal aliens in Seattle reportedly commandeered a high school’s tennis courts after being kicked out of a nearby hotel.

They were reportedly staying at the Quality Inn in nearby Kent thanks to donations from Plymouth Church up until the money ran out this week, according to local station KOMO.

After being kicked out of the hotel on Tuesday, the illegal aliens quickly set up in nearby Garfield High School’s tennis courts.


In addition to taking over the tennis courts, the so-called ‘migrants’ began demanding this, that, and the other.

“By Wednesday afternoon, the refugees held a rally demanding King County and others help them secure more stable housing until they can get work permits and support themselves,” according to KOMO.

“Without having the stable housing that we’ve been asking for, of just even like two or three months of stability, it’s so hard for us to follow through with our asylum cases,” Adrianna Figuera, a criminal alien from Venezuela, told the station.

In fairness to the aliens, they previously approached the Seattle City Council to ask for funding to extend their hotel stay.

“Seattle provided support for a month the first time, but declined the second,” KOMO notes.

“We are struggling as you can tell,” one Venezuelan man said during a hearing on Jan. 31st, according to the Kent Reporter. “The language is a barrier, we face a lot of barriers, but we are here with our children who are your children, too. They will work here and are your future. We don’t know what will happen to them tomorrow when we don’t have housing.”

“You are welcoming us, so please believe in us. We have a lot of potential and talent and really want to start working,” he added.

The good news is that the criminal aliens have since packed up and headed back to the hotel in Kent thanks to an anonymous donor who paid for them to stay in 61 rooms for 11 days.

The bad news is there’s still no long-term solution in sight, though city officials are at least aware of the problem.

“Our office is aware of the migrant asylum seekers who have set up an encampment at the Garfield Tennis Courts,” Seattle City Council member Joy Hollingsworth tweeted Wednesday. “We are working with the Mayor’s office, King County and service providers to address this situation immediately.”

“We understand that housing and shelter is the most critical need for families to find safety and stability. We are evaluating next steps,” a city spokesperson added in an emailed statement to KOMO.

As to how exactly the criminal aliens knew to set up shop in a high school tennis court, reporter Jonathan Choe has claimed they were essentially led there by far-left activists.

Responding to all this on the social media platform X, critics expressed massive anger, with some demanding every criminal alien be shipped home to demand this, that, and the other from their own government.


Vivek Saxena


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