Joe Rogan lets fans know what he REALLY thinks of ‘The View’

Mega-podcaster Joe Rogan described “The View” as a “rabies-infested hen house” after co-host Sunny Hostin clashed with a guest.

Rogan laid waste to “The View” as only he can after author Coleman Hughes appeared on the leftist show to ironically promote his book “End of Race Politics: Arguments for a Colorblind America.” Hostin proceeded to attack him on the role that race plays in culture and politics. Because Hughes wants to end the race card-throwing, Hostin accused him of being “co-opted by the right.”

That’s a rich presumption as Hughes voted for Joe Biden in 2020. However, he appears to be an equal-opportunity hater of both political parties… a point that seemed deliberately lost on Hostin. He’s an Independent.

“So many in the black community… believed that you are being used as a pawn by the right and that you are a charlatan of sorts,” Hostin viciously told him during the segment.

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“I don’t think there’s any evidence I’ve been co-opted by anyone and I think that that’s an ad hominem tactic that people use to not address really the important conversations we’re having here,” Hughes said after his appearance on the show. “I think it’s better and it would be better for everyone if we stuck to the topics rather than make it about me without any evidence that I’ve been co-opted.”

Appearing on the “Joe Rogan Experience” podcast, Hughes recounted his distasteful “View” experience. That’s when Rogan branded the leftist gab-fest as a “rabies-infested henhouse” following the author noting that he had received non-stop messages after appearing on the show.

“It is the show that people love to hate,” Rogan commented. “They get so much hate watching and so much hate watching viral clips of them saying ridiculous things. I mean, it is a rabies-infested henhouse.”

The accurate labeling of the show is destined to become a permanent descriptor that will forever be attached to the ladies of “The View.”

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Rogan then tempered his words by calling Hostin “very intelligent” but “ideologically captured.”

“There are a couple of the other ones, I don’t have to name any names, that are just dull-minded,” he contended. “But Sunny’s not one of them. I think she’s smart but captured.”

Hostin claimed she read Hughes’ book twice just weeks after its release. Rogan and the author both questioned whether that was really the case considering her comments, contending that she most likely had an agenda going in.

Hughes remarked that he didn’t really know who Hostin was before he appeared on “The View” and he never expected his character to be attacked on-air.

“I wasn’t expecting necessarily for her to kind of try to ambush me in that way and attack my character in that way,” he stated. “I responded to it in the moment as I do, and I didn’t expect it to go as viral as it did, but I think it arguably went more viral than anything I’ve ever done.”

Hughes reportedly told reporter Matt Taibbi and others that Hostin had “no idea what she was talking about” after his interview with her. That springs from her accusing him of being a conservative when it comes to his views on race. A point put to rest by simply Googling his political preferences which should have been obvious to Hostin who is an attorney.

“I know [Hostin] said that I identified as a conservative, which was surprising to me because unless I blacked out, I don’t remember that. She was very confident about it. I almost gaslighted myself. I thought, ‘Did I forget something I said on a podcast?’” Hughes said.

“It turns out she was just, almost everything she said — she had no idea what she was talking about,” he pointed out.


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