Martin Luther King Jr.’s niece lauds Herschel Walker ahead of runoff: ‘We need strong senators’

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s niece is reminding Georgia voters of the importance of voting for GOP candidate Hershel Walker even though it appears that the U.S. Senate will remain under Democrat control.

Walker “is here for America, he’s here for the people,” Alveda King told the “Fox & Friends First” crew on Thursday morning. “We need strong senators” to continue to protect the American Dream, she implied.

(Video: Fox News)

“The people are ready; we the people. And so regardless of who has the majority in the Senate, we are going to be right there and ready, and we can convince some of those who need to vote with us. So it’s very important. You don’t throw away a race just based on who has the majority,” the Fox News contributor asserted in cautioning against apathy.

The runoff between Walker and incumbent radical Democrat Raphael Warnock is scheduled for December 6. If Walker wins, the Senate will again be 50-50, with VP Kamala Harris constitutionally empowered to break any ties.

Although he’s hardly a conventional politician, Trump-endorsed former NCAA and NFL star Walker has effectively emphasized that his opponent in the election is just a rubber stamp for the far-left Biden agenda.

Walker also took the high road recently when insulted by Barack Obama.

Reacting unfavorably to the lawsuit from the flip-flopping Warnock campaign to seek an extra day of early voting, Alveda King, 71, declared in the video clip embedded above that “everybody knows, in good sportsmanship, you do not change the rules in the middle of the game. So this is fear that is driving them now.”

She went on to imply on the Fox News Channel that voters aren’t complacent but expressed concern about the Dems’ divisive misdirection.

“People are engaged in Georgia. People are still ready to vote, so you confuse people by mixing up the rules at the last moment. And so this is part of that effort to confuse people, make people afraid, and change things, and people get a little edgy.”

Alveda King also condemned Democrats for alleging racial issues in the legal filing.

“My mother and I did early voting for November 8. We’ll do early voting again…she’s an African-American, 91-year-old woman. She cares about voting, and we will be able to do that. So to throw the word race, play the race card, scare people out of their minds, and get people all enraged — that’s the goal.”

Despite Democrats hyperventilating about Georgia’s 2021 voting reform law, no one has been disenfranchised. In fact, voting participation in the state has substantially increased.

Georgia law requires a runoff when no candidate receives 50 percent or more of the vote. In the first round, Warnock got 49.4 percent to Walker’s 48.5 percent.

A Libertarian candidate got about two percent, but Walker could have avoided the runoff if he had received a decent chunk of those 81,000 votes. It remains to be seen where those votes will go, assuming that cohort casts a vote in the second round.

In this context, the November 8 results in Georgia appear to be yet another example where the so-called civil liberties, pro-freedom third party helped authoritarian, pro-censorship Democrats.

In a rematch, GOP Gov. Brian Kemp won reelection over Star Trek star Stacey Abrams on November 8.


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