Matt Gaetz on fire, tears into Robert Hur, gets him to admit Biden LIED to investigators

Two-tiered justice returned to the fore during a Capitol Hill special counsel spectacle as one congressman honed in on how the president’s “elevator didn’t go to the top floor.”

Little more than a month after Special Counsel Robert Hur released his report regarding President Joe Biden’s handling of classified documents, the Justice Department official appeared before the House Judiciary Committee. While he was grilled from both sides, Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz’s (R) fiery questions focused on what was referred to as the “senile cooperator theory.”

Given his chance to question Hur, the legislator established that Biden had adamantly denied sharing classified documents with his ghostwriter, a point the counsel acknowledged was “inconsistent with the findings based on the evidence in my report.”

“So it’s a lie — just what regular people would say, right?” Gaetz posited drawing a smile from Hur who went on to point out the numerous locations where classified documents had been located.

The GOP representative then drove home his point, “You find in your report that the elements of a federal criminal violation are met, but then you apply this senile cooperator theory that because Joe Biden cooperated and the elevator didn’t go to the top floor, you don’t think you’d get a conviction.”

During the hearing, North Dakota Rep. Kelly Armstrong (R) ensured that there was little doubt how widespread classified documents connected to the president were as Hur acknowledged they were discovered in numerous locations throughout Biden’s Wilmington, Delaware home as well as at the University of Delaware, Biden Institute and Penn Biden Center.

Gaetz’s line of questioning also delved into a challenge over the ghostwriter’s admission of discarding evidence as he said during the hearing, “Just so everybody knows, the ghostwriter didn’t just delete the recordings as a matter of happenstance. Ghostwriter has recordings of Biden making admissions of crimes, he then learns that you’ve been appointed, he then deletes the information that is the evidence, and you don’t charge him.”

“Like, what does somebody have to do to get charged with obstruction of justice by you?” the congressman asked. “If deleting the evidence of crimes doesn’t count, what would meet the standard?”

The lawmaker brought his point around full circle to former President Donald Trump’s own indictment over the handling of classified documents as he asserted, “Biden and Trump should have been treated equally. They weren’t. And that is the double standard I think a lot of Americans are concerned about.”

Meanwhile, Democrats like California Rep. Adam Schiff had equally slammed Hur over the report’s description of Biden in not recommending criminal charges as he said, “You understood, nevertheless, Mr. Hur. You cannot tell me you’re so naive as to think your words would not have created a political firestorm. You understood that, didn’t you, when you wrote those words, when you decided to include those words, when you decided to go beyond specific references to documents? You understood how they would be manipulated by my colleagues here on the GOP side of the aisle, by President Trump.”

For his part, Hur responded, “What I understand is the regulations that govern my conduct as special counsel,” as reactions on social media also spoke to the apparent disparate application of justice.

Kevin Haggerty


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