Hillary Clinton teams up with Broadway to host $5k a plate fundraiser for Joe

America’s curse with octogenarian politicians and those on the threshold of being 80 years old continues in earnest.

Hillary Clinton will not go away at the ripe old age of 76. Instead, she is chasing the neon lights of Broadway as Clinton teams up with Hamilton musical creator Lin-Manuel Miranda to raise money for President Joe Biden.

Having failed twice in her bid to shatter the glass ceiling and become the first female president of the United States — how it must stick in her craw that Kamala Harris, of all people, may yet achieve what she pursued with such dogged determination — Clinton will join with Miranda to “present a ‘special Broadway performance’ of ‘Suffs: the musical’ on April 3 to raise money for the Biden Victory Fund, the president’s joint fundraising committee, and the Women’s Leadership Forum,” the Daily Mail reported.

According to the event invite, tickets will range between $500 and $5,000 a person.

Clinton partnered with a group to back Suffs, a new musical about the women’s suffrage movement that will be previewed on Broadway later this month and officially open in April, according to the Daily Mail.

Raising money for Biden in opposition to Donald Trump is a familiar act for Hillary Clinton. She held a fundraiser at her Georgetown home last year for the geriatric president and also helped raise millions for Biden in 2020.

Of course, Clinton is not limiting her actions to raising money for Biden. She is actively campaigning against Trump, as seen in a tweet shared on Tuesday designed to scare senior citizens into believing the former president is coming for their Social Security checks.

Clinton shares a 22-second clip that offers no context or clarity on what Trump is referring to when he suggests there are ways to approach entitlement programs.

Pulling out all stops, former President Bill Clinton and former President Barack Obama will join Biden on March 28 “for a first of its kind fundraiser” at Radio City Music Hall, according to the Daily Mail.

“The event is billed as an evening with three presidents in a conversation with late-night host Stephen Colbert and will also raise money for the Biden Victory Fund. Tickets for the event cost from $250 a person to attend to $500,000,” the newspaper reported.

Tom Tillison


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