Matteo: Santa Biden’s debt cancellation program

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Just about everyone loves Santa Claus, a man whose magical powers can make reindeer fly and whose mission in life is to bring toys to children on Christmas free of charge. 

Many people believe that Joe Biden is Santa Claus because, with a stroke of his pen, and the power of executive order he can magically make student debt disappear. In the case of Santa, we know that it is parents and family members who willingly put presents under the Christmas tree in their homes and give Santa credit for this benevolent act. However, Biden’s “gift” to students who incurred debt comes from the hard-working American taxpayers who had no choice in this matter and many resent the fact that they did the right thing and paid for their loans or never took out loans because they never went to college.  

According to projections from the Penn Wharton Budget Model, President Biden’s plan would cost the average taxpayer over $2,000. Why should hardworking taxpayers foot the bill for those who made the choice to incur debts that they either couldn’t or wouldn’t pay back? It’s a very good question for those who believe that 18-year-olds who made the decision to take out these loans were not mature enough to make this kind of decision; even though many of these same people believe that 6-year-olds are mature enough to choose their gender. 

Other supporters of this program believe that they are entitled to free college and this follows the kind of reasoning that embraces victim mentality because, in their view, anyone who can’t afford to go to college is a victim. Still others may make the argument that “rich” people should pay for their “right” to go to college. Finally, there are those who see the government as a source of never-ending money because what’s a tiny 329 billion dollar expenditure, when we already have a national debt that exceeds $30 trillion. 

Liberals completely ignore basic economic realities, perhaps because they are delusional to begin with, which accounts for the reason why liberal prosecutors don’t prosecute individuals who invade businesses and steal merchandise.  They believe that if you go to a restaurant, order the most expensive things on the menu, but can’t pay when the check comes, it’s someone else’s fault.  Yet there are some very basic facts about what Americans are being forced to pay under what should be called: Biden’s Young People Vote Buying Plan, given that the Democrats are in severe trouble as the midterms approach.

Since the money for this plan comes directly from taxpayers, it is important for taxpayers to see what they will be paying for with their hard-earned tax dollars.  

Fact 1: The college student dropout rate is 33%.

Fact 2: 28% of students drop out of college before their sophomore year. (This is what happens when your admissions policy is more concerned with “diversity” than merit and allowing students into your school who lack the requisite skills necessary for success.) 

Fact 3: 57% of college students take 6 or more years to graduate (while only 41% graduate in 4 years or less).

Should taxpayers be responsible for paying the debts of those who started college, but realized they couldn’t hack it or for career college students?  Universities are breeding grounds for elite intellectuals whose beliefs are reflected in woke speech codes, anti-American ideology, Marxist economic propaganda and ridiculous courses that cannot possibly benefit students in obtaining a job. Take a look at some of these course offerings that taxpayers will be put in the position of funding:

Tree Climbing – Cornell University

Lady Gaga and the Sociology of Fame – University of S. Carolina

The Art of Walking – Centre College of Danville Kentucky

Arguing with Judge Judy – Berkeley

Queer Musicology – UCLA

Spongebobology – Oberlin College

100 Years of Courting, Dating and Hooking up on College Campuses – New York University

U.S. Race Theory and the Problem of Whiteness – Arizona State University

Getting Dressed – Princeton


In 2018 Arizona State University (as well as other schools) organized a student workshop titled: Go F—Yourself, which was a workshop on masturbation and how to pleasure yourself. This university also created a position of the Director of Sexual Well-Being. At Penn State, you can take a 2 ½ day class in Ice Cream 101, you can also take a course in the introduction to frozen desserts there. 

Why isn’t anyone pointing the finger at the high cost of college at the colleges themselves?  According to Forbes, the average college tuition and fees at colleges between 1980 and 2020 rose by 169%. The National Center for Educational Statistics reported that in 1980, it cost $10,231 for a full-time student to get a college degree. In 2019-2020 that number rose to $28,775, which is a jump of 180%.  

Under Biden, overall inflation has seen record numbers but compared to the cost of college, these numbers are minuscule. did a comparison of overall inflation and the cost of university inflation between the years 1979 and 2021. Overall inflation for consumer goods rose 301.63%, which appears to be a lot, however, the inflation rate for universities was 1,323.52% during this time period! This is outrageous, and what is more outrageous is asking the average student who paid for their college, paid back their loans, went to work right after high school or went to trade school to pay for the debts of students who went to “Colleges Gone Financially Wild.”

People attend college with the notion that it will help them get a better job in the future, yet colleges will offer completely meaningless degrees that include the following:

Poultry Science – Texas A & M 

Storytelling – East Tennessee State

Bicycle Design – Minnesota State College

Leisure Studies – S. Illinois University

Animal Psychology – Bucknell

Citrus Science – Florida Southern College


Other potential majors include Puppetry, LGBT Studies, Exercise Science, Gender Studies, Peace Studies, Golf Management and Cryptozoology, which is the study of weird creatures whose existence hasn’t been proven.  

While the average American is forced to pay higher prices at the gas pump and in grocery stores, it is unconscionable to ask people in the workforce to subsidize institutions that are overpriced and ineffective for many of their attendees. The decision to go to college is a choice. For some people, it’s a great choice and it yields economic benefits, for others (especially those not prepared for it, who eventually drop out) it’s a bad choice. People make bad choices, and the objective after making a bad choice is to learn and not make the same bad choices again (unless you are brainwashed to believe that being a victim is a good thing).  To major in Puppetry and then wonder why you can’t get a decent paying job is the mindset of someone who needs to skip college and take courses in common sense, real-world economic realities, and government, not Santa Claus 101.


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