Maxine Waters demands investigation of ‘domestic terrorist’ Trump supporters

As unhinged as the young Democrats of “The Squad” may be, they have nothing on Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA), the goofy granny with the James Brown hair.

The 85-year-old congresswoman may be getting up there in years, but she hasn’t missed a beat when it comes to churning out loony conspiracy theories about former President Donald J. Trump and his supporters, smearing them as “domestic terrorists” who are prepping for a civil war.

“Auntie Maxine” made her outlandish remarks during an appearance on left-wing cable network MSNBC, dialing up the hysteria after her party’s unjust conviction of the presumptive GOP nominee on bogus charges in a New York City kangaroo court.

(Video: MSNBC)

“I’m worried that he’s so divisive and that he’s talking about retribution, and they’re talking about revenge and I think that that’s dangerous. He’s even mentioned civil war at one point, talked about there would be bloodshed,” Waters host Jonathan Capehart.

And since Democrats no longer feel that they need to hide their fascist inclinations, she is pushing for the regime to begin a sweeping investigation into the former president’s supporters who number in the tens of millions.

“I am going to spend some time with the criminal justice system, with the justice system, asking them, tell us what’s going on with the domestic terrorists. Are they preparing a civil war against us? Should we be concerned about our safety?” Waters said. “What is he doing with this divisive language?”

In more Democrat projection, the octogenarian accused Trump of being a man ‘who disrespects the Constitution and democracy” and that his “domestic terrorist” supporters have already tried to overthrow the government during the so-called “insurrection” on January 6, 2021, squeezing in some Russiagate lies as well.

“This is not good for this country. But he does not care about democracy, he does not care about the Constitution of the United States,’ she said. ‘He’s in love with Putin and Russia and Kim Jong-un and North Korea, and all of that,” she said.

“How far is this gonna go?” Waters raved. “Are they gonna be attacking? Who are they going to attack? What are we going to do? I’ve got to get on with trying to get an investigation going about that.”

What wasn’t investigated by the feds was Rep. Waters’ call for the mob harassment of Republicans which was interpreted by many as a call for violence.

(Video: YouTube)

The conspiracy-addled congresswoman had previously babbled about Trump’s supporters who she claimed were “training up in the hills” to take action depending on the outcome of the 2024 election, remarks that are more than a bit paranoid and delusional.

“This is a man who we’d better be careful about,” she told Capehart during another appearance on his show last month. “I’m going to ask the Justice Department and I’m gonna ask the president to tell us what they’re going to do to protect this country against violence if [Trump] loses.”

“I wanna know about all of those right-wing organizations that he’s connected with, who are training up in the hills somewhere and targeting, uh, you know, what communities they are going to attack,” she said.

Chris Donaldson


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