Maxine Waters wrestles her wig on live tv and it’s just the 20 seconds of video you were looking for

U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters provided CNN viewers with a moment of unscripted comedy as she battled her own wig on live television.

The California Democrat was immersed in her appearance during an interview with Abby Phillip on CNN that was meant to be a discussion of the upcoming election.

Waters seemed to catch a glimpse of her reflection during Phillip’s questioning, focusing on the piece on her head rather than on questions about President Joe Biden’s ability to stay in the race.

Waters delivered more reasons for term limits as she spent most of the segment playing with her appearance on the air. It is not known whether the leftwing congresswoman realized that she was on the screen for viewers to watch.

The nearly 30-second adjustment was the entertainment we all needed, and social media users weighed in on the unplanned comedy sketch.

Frieda Powers


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